Starrtup, An Online Accelerator For Entrepreneurs, Is Live And Accepting Startups

Starrtup, a free online accelerator, was founded January 2016 with one mission to provide a hub for entrepreneurs that will combine all that is needed to build a startup including guidance, learnings, and an open marketplace for execution.

Starrtup, free online accelerator: Starrtup is the first free online accelerator providing a one stop shop for startups. Combining learnings, digital services and a free marketplace, Starrtup allows startups to access everything they need in one place, to help build and grow their company.

When joining the online accelerator each startup is provided with a tailor-made evaluation. Starrtup will analyze, recommend and execute a project roadmap, allowing Founders to focus on what's most important. Starrtup's goal is to act as a digital co-founder for startups, partnering up and growing the startup idea into a company.

Starrtup provides online services, guidance, learning center and an open marketplace.

Our services include:

1) Evaluation - using an algorithm that is based on Founder inputs, provides a progression score for the startup relative to other startups in a similar space

2) Recommended next step - based on the evaluation information, an algorithm will provide the best next step the startup needs to do in order to move a business forward. Progress is measured as part of what is the next item on the roadmap (see item 3) that will allow the startup to grow and capitalize on its business.

3) Roadmap to success - divided into stages, based on the evaluation and input from the Founder, this roadmap highlights the stages a startup needs to go through in its life cycle with key tasks and metrics relevant for each stage.

Our learning center will include content that will help startups understand what they need to do on various stages. Content will include videos and blogs, designed to maximize Founder success. Content is provided by veteran Founders from within the business community. Examples include multiple videos on how to create and pitch to investors to maximize the potential for success.

Our marketplace includes professionals from an array industries, providing services across multiple disciplines. As a startup grows, its needs also change and grow. The Starrtup marketplace provides the right service at the right stage of a startup.

From Starrtup's CEO Nadav Cornberg - "With the ongoing growth of the startup market, entrepreneurs today are in more need of guidance, help, focus and execution. Traditional accelerators can provide a limited solution. Starrtup provides a one stop shop at scale, allowing any entrepreneur grow their startup without losing focus"

About Starrtup's team: Starrtup's management team is a combination of industry leaders and savvy entrepreneurs wanting to build a community to support new and upcoming startups. Starrtup's platform is built on the experiences of our management team in the startup world with the mission of easing the already hard road to success for startups.

Contact Info:
Name: Nadav Cornberg
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Address: 10503 Weller Drive Austin Texas 78750
Phone: +1-512-697-2657

Release ID: 302582