STAR Foundation’s Therapy Retreats are Renowned for Delivering a Transformational Experience that is Highly Tailored to each Individual

STAR Foundation’s Graduates of the 10-Day Therapy Retreat program conceptualize STAR as a year or two of therapy in 10 days.

The STAR Foundation has been offering therapeutic retreats for over 40 years. Over the years STAR’s therapeutic model has evolved. STAR is multi-modal and integrates some 20 different therapeutic interventions into its 10-day program. STAR works on boundaries, communication patterns, attachment, family of origin issues, and more. STAR uses meditations, guided imagery sessions, breath work, art therapy, family sculpts, emotional release, and other techniques. One of the capstones of the program is the integration of the various voices that comprise our inner landscape- our inner critical voice, wounded child, radiant child, shadow, wise adult- as participants learn to differentiate which voice/character is impacting their life choices. The core of STAR is to examine whether or not participants are living authentically, or if they are tied to old patterns that no longer serve them.

STAR is an intensive process. Over the course of 10 days, STAR moves participants through the deep work of exploring old patterns, wounds, buried, or unexpressed emotions. Towards the end of the program, STAR begins to focus on the skills that will be required when people return home from the retreat. By the final day, STAR participants have closely bonded and connected through this powerful work. The individuals work on their healing, and the group heals as well.

STAR is distinct in that it’s not talk therapy. It’s not a standard learning format. It’s experiential. It can be messy. There are lots of feelings released. The STAR process takes people down into the muck to help participants find the gold they’ve lost. It can get pretty raw, especially in the middle of the process. STAR participants frequently dig through shame, grief, and anger in order to find or to earn joy, peace, and acceptance. For some, this is akin to a rebirth.

Emotional safety is central to the work of STAR. People stop performing at STAR. They are allowed to be messy. They can show up as they are and put away the masks they may typically wear. Nobody at STAR talks about work or things back home. They leave their official identities at the door. They are all there to work on themselves and take steps towards their healing and growth.

For many, the modalities used at STAR far transcend what can take place in a talking format. STAR brings in the body, and that’s where many of the deepest wounds and the source of healing lies. The STAR process is designed to get people out of their heads, into their bodies and their hearts. That’s where the healing can be deepest.

In terms of the format, STAR has a process where individual participants will be paired with a facilitator who will read everything they write (there’s a good deal of written work and exploration at STAR, in addition to the many activities), and check in every day during individual time. STAR keeps a staff to participant ratio of 1:2. This is extraordinary in the healing space, and it’s one of the reasons STAR can get so deep, being so highly tailored to each individual.

Many STAR graduates consider their time at STAR transformational. Michael O’Reilly, STAR graduate had this to say about his experience: “At STAR I saw miracles. I saw people, not the least of whom was myself, re-emerging into a joyful life. If you want to reattach to the loving powers you were born with, do STAR.” Another graduate, Brenda Morris of Seattle, shared her insights about STAR: “At STAR I learned to stop compromising my spirit in order to “fit” and am beginning to recognize the sound of my own voice. I thank STAR for helping me find the clarity and courage to come back to life.”

During the last forty years, STAR has helped thousands of people reconnect with their authentic selves, develop a more secure attachment, live more from the heart, have healthier relationships, and live a more satisfying and meaningful life.

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