STAR Foundation’s Therapy Retreat has Offered a Heart-Centered Healing Approach for more than Forty Years

The 10-day Therapy Retreat offered by STAR Foundation is renowned for delivering a transformational experience that is highly tailored to each individual.

Attending a STAR retreat provides the rare opportunity to slow down, disconnect, and unplug from the outside world. During the ten-day process, removed from the demands and distractions of ordinary life, participants are asked to turn within and deepen the connection to their inner lives. Whether they are new to therapy or have had extensive therapeutic experiences over many years, attending a STAR retreat helps participants go a layer deeper and get more in touch with their authentic selves.

People attend STAR healing retreats for various reasons and at different stages in their lives. Some come to STAR to work through a personal crisis, current relationship challenges, or life transition. Others seek to address emotional difficulties such as depression, anxiety, or grief. Some people choose STAR in order to address anger management issues, or ongoing effects of past traumas. Sometimes individuals attend STAR because they are on a journey of self-discovery and would like to work through what is holding them back from connecting with their full potential.

For so many of us, our connection with the core essence of who we are has, over the years, faded and receded into the background of our busy lives. We lose touch with the part of ourselves that once was filled with curiosity and wonder. We can get caught up in the day-to-day ‘stuff’ and, before we realize it, days, months, years, and sometimes even decades have gone by before we realize that something is missing. We might have this little internal sense that something is not right, yet we can’t quite name it or put our finger on it. So we just ignore this unease, pushing it aside and going on with our days. Then the time comes when as much as we try to ignore that gnawing sensation of nameless loss, it just keeps popping back up into our conscious mind. We know we want something more. It is at this point that we are faced with a choice. Continue to ignore that feeling? Or stop, turn towards it, and explore what this feeling/absence of feeling might be trying to teach me. This turning point for many has been the moment of deciding to attend a life-changing STAR retreat.

STAR is an experiential program. The STAR process incorporates the latest research in neuroscience, attachment theory, trauma work, grief work and mindfulness practices among others. At STAR participants are provided with opportunities to explore early life experiences and messages that contribute to internalized negative beliefs and current disempowering life patterns. The STAR program is designed to help participants work through and then move beyond these limiting beliefs and open up to new possibilities for themselves and their future.

STAR deliberately keeps the group size small, with no more than 25 participants at each retreat. This is to ensure the cohesive group dynamic that’s essential for fostering a sense of safety, as well as community and connection, among the participants. Group work is an integral and powerful aspect of the daily experiences that make for a successful STAR retreat.

In the group setting, participants will work with every member of the STAR staff, as STAR employs a team therapeutic approach. Every day the focus shifts back and forth between the group process and the individual healing process. STAR offers an extraordinary staff to participant ratio of 1:2. Each participant is assigned a facilitator that will work with them one-on-one to support them through the STAR process and ensure their individual needs are being addressed. One staff member works individually with only 2 participants, which sets STAR far apart from other therapeutic retreats.

Attending a STAR retreat is an investment in oneself. During the 10 days in a beautiful, peaceful retreat center in the Arizona desert, individuals have the opportunity to connect with themselves and explore what has been working in their lives, and what needs to change for the next chapter of life to begin. At STAR individuals learn that they have the choice to let go of what no longer serves them, just as they can more fully embrace and celebrate the parts of life that matter most.

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