STAR Foundation’s Healing Retreat Uses a Heart-Centered Approach to Individual Healing

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Healing Retreats offered by STAR Foundation offers techniques from mainstream psychotherapy in addition to holistic and transpersonal modalities.

For over forty years, the STAR Foundation has been conducting intensive healing retreats. STAR retreats work by facilitating a reconnection to one’s core self, one’s essence. The STAR process doesn’t necessarily eliminate negative traits or feelings, but rather allows participants to connect more deeply to their core self and essence, and thus to their own inner wisdom, strength, and power. The STAR process does this by providing a safe, supportive environment in which participants have opportunities to recognize and understand their deepest feelings and fears. From this place, participants are able to experience deeply who they really were before the fears and other adaptive patterns of behavior took over.

People come to STAR scared, hurting, depressed, angry, anxious, sad, blocked, or stuck—or experiencing some combination of all these feelings. They come to STAR operating under old patterns of thinking and perceiving—which were necessary to survive in their old environment, but are often fear-based and counterproductive. These solidified defenses and altered perceptions are impediments to making different and more positive and productive choices.

During the course of the STAR retreat, gradually realizing they are in a supportive, safe environment, participants will allow a softening and thawing of rigid defenses and self-protection strategies. Participants realize it is okay to take the “mask” off, to stop performing, to let one’s guard down and more authentically show up.

In this highly supportive environment, participants are invited to move through a series of structured exercises and activities to get them into their bodies, feelings, and experience. Engaging in these activities allows participants to begin to feel and understand who they really are now, and how to connect with and truly embrace their own inner strength and wisdom.

The STAR process creates opportunities for reconnecting to one’s deeper self, one’s heart, one’s essential nature or “essence” that was present at the very beginning. Becoming more in touch with this emotional foundation of love and goodness is powerful. It can create a heightened clarity and the ability to recognize negative traits and feelings and put them in a new context. Grounded in this awareness, individuals can make different choices, choices that are more nurturing to themselves and others, choices that are constructive rather than destructive. This connection to essence and this clarity can be foundational to the healing of old wounds. Feeling these new feelings in a warm, safe, loving environment can help shift one's relationship to oneself and allow one to come from a place of love and trust rather than from fear.

STAR won’t make all problems and difficulties go away. But it can help individuals to see problems and difficulties in a different light. It can help create more clarity, power, and space. Attending STAR can help participants reconnect to their essence and purpose. It can help turn on the light so they can get more access to their feelings and the love inside and remember who they really are. As one STAR graduate reflected: “STAR is the most profound healing experience I’ve had so far, and I’ve been on the journey a while now. This was the greatest gift I’ve given myself.”

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