STAR Foundation’s Anger Management Retreat Offers a Unique and Individualized Approach to Overcoming Anger Challenges

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Healthy ways to harness negative emotions and energy and appropriately express them are taught at STAR Foundation’s 10-Day Anger Management Retreat.

For over forty years, the STAR Foundation has been offering retreats to help individuals deal with issues of anger management. Anger is a natural emotion. The intense energy and feeling of anger has two faces. Anger can lead to either destructive or constructive actions, depending on how it is managed.

All too often, anger is long repressed and then ends up expressed as resentment or acted out in forms of revenge. A person with long-buried and unresolved anger can end up stuck in a chronic irritable and explosive way of being. A person stuck in anger is often quarrelsome and belligerent, quick to attack others while also being quite thin-skinned, super-sensitive to slights. Some people become injustice collectors, armed with ready responses to multitudes of perceived offenses. Ordinary frustrations are met with rage. The result is misery for all concerned.

Authentically expressed anger can move one to a powerful place of courage and lead to attainment of true power. True power from within can distinguish the differences between negative and positive experiences in life without requiring a catalog of victimhood for ready reference.

The question is, how do we reconcile these profound polarities? One is a hopeless personal prison of perpetual rage. The other is transformative and can open us to the experiences of powerful personal freedom and happiness.

The STAR process is a uniquely individualized exploration of the deepest reservoirs of accumulated feelings over a lifetime. When people come to STAR healing retreat, they can experience a separation of the “the wheat from the chaff,” a direct letting go of an old, destructive kind of energy that no longer serves. It is what STAR does best. STAR creates different pathways for expressing anger, specific to the needs of the individual. No two people will “do anger” in the exact same way. Some need to move it out of their bodies, others need to use their voices, others need time away to recenter before re-engaging. Some people need time to “grow themselves back up” when anger is triggered.

We need to understand the triggers for our feelings and our behaviors, and get closer to the root causes. Does this interaction remind me of something in my life, in my past? Is this familiar? Is this rooted in early experiences? Am I acting out an old pattern that no longer serves me? Understanding our emotional lives in the present frequently involves a journey to former times when our emotional selves and bodies were forming. We rarely make things up whole cloth, rather we learn from our environments. Connecting to our origins, to our experience of anger and how it was expressed when we were little, can help inform our experience of anger in the present moment. A great deal of our ability to express anger effectively and appropriately lies in our ability to nurture ourselves, listen deeply to ourselves, preserve healthy internal and external boundaries, and live more authentically.

One STAR anger management retreat grad who worked through significant anger issues during his retreat commented that “the work I began at STAR is now leading to many wonderful changes and miracles in my life.” If you are seeking a healthier way to express and experience anger in a more constructive way, a STAR retreat may be right for you.

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