Stanley Tomchin - Devoted Donor to the Core Academy and Their Unique Model

Retired professional games player turned philanthropist, Stanley Tomchin became aware of the initiative and immediately offered the full-fledged support of his fund, the Tomchin Family Charitable Foundation.

Through a touching ceremony in 2015, the Core Academy was unveiled to the public of Southern Nevada, along with the Tomchin Class of 2022, a cohort of sixth grade Scholars. This group, earning their namesake from local philanthropist Stanley Tomchin, is comprised of under resourced students who dream big and work hard. With the mission to strengthen character, build brilliant minds and create brighter futures, through the Core Academy these youths will enjoy uninhibited support in the pursuit of both their immediate and long-term goals.

Now a comprehensive after-school program, basic needs provider and mentoring initiative, the Core Academy’s origins date back to 1981, when a compassionate businessman in New York vowed to a class of sixth graders from less-fortunate families in Harlem that he would provide college tuition to all who graduated from high school. This visionary deed led to the creation of a nationwide program helping low-income students achieve their goals. In 1996, the Las Vegas chapter was launched, serving the children of the Bud Weeks Plaza housing project for over 16 years. In that time, 99% of the over 100 students served graduated from high school and went on to either post-secondary education or gainful employment. In 2012, the Southern Nevada chapter was founded by Lindsay Harper, the current executive director of the Core Academy, when she established the existing school based model that serves the entire sixth-grade class at West Prep Academy.

Two years later, retired professional games player turned philanthropist Stanley Tomchin became aware of the initiative and immediately offered the full-fledged support of his fund, the Tomchin Family Charitable Foundation. Initially, Tomchin generously provided the capital funding to launch a second cohort of Scholars, the aforementioned Tomchin Class of 2022. His continued support, however, allowed the foundation to innovate and scale the model to reach more students and become the multifaceted, Character Education driven program it is today. “We want to bridge the gap for them [the Scholars], so anything they need to be successful in life and reach their full potential we are there to provide,” said Harper, “Stan really provides the funding for us to be able to do that.” Currently, Tomchin’s donations go directly to the Core Academy’s basic needs, academic engagement, character education, mentoring, and cultural enrichment programs.

Known throughout his career as the world’s most successful professional games player, Stanley Tomchin now resides in Nevada and focuses his time on philanthropic efforts. Inspired by the humanitarian actions of his sister, Joy, in 2005 Stanley founded the Tomchin Family Charitable Foundation with the goal of improving Nevada’s health, education, arts and quality of life sectors. Each year, the foundation reviews the performance of approximately forty organizations and provides the resources necessary to enact benevolent changes throughout the community. On a national and international scale, Tomchin also strongly supports environmental activist groups, including Greenpeace and the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society.

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