Standard Poodles for Sales Breeders Poodles of Willow Glade Launches Updated Website

Oklahoma-based PWG Poodles offer standard poodles for sale in Texas and Oklahoma. The farm is a responsible organization which is dedicated to maintaining the quality of the breed.

Poodles of Willow Glade and Tasha Alves are pleased to announce that they have updated their website in order to ensure the latest and most comprehensive information about their offerings of Standard Poodles for sale is presented. The breeders offer this breed of animals for sale in the Texas and Oklahoma area. Poodles of Willow Glade puppies are standard sized, which are a larger breed and they do not shed. When choosing a family pet, Standard Poodles have much to recommend them.

When looking for poodles for sale, a prospective new family should certainly take into consideration what the parents look like. See the condition of the home and how the parents are treated. Buying a Standard Poodle from an irresponsible breeder will not only spur on more puppy mill style farms but also bring down the quality level of the breed. PWG prides itself on the dogs which are raised here. Both the parents and the puppies are well taken care of.

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New owners must recognize that owning any type of pet means a significant commitment in time and energy. The new owners will have to have their poodles groomed regularly, as their hair will continue to grow. There is a standard poodle cut, however, if they are just pets, that doesn’t have to be done. But haircuts must be maintained, or the hair will quickly become matted. Their hair is tight curls and is really soft.

A spokesperson for the company explained, “Standard poodles are known to be the most trainable of all breeds. They are thinking dogs and pay attention to the owner’s suggestions and takes new tasks in with ease, compared to other breeds. Standard Poodles are an intelligent breed, they should not be left for long periods without human interaction. They want to be near their owners and can be great guard dogs as well. Standard Poodles are smart and need mental stimulation to remain happy.”

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Name: Tasha Alves
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Organization: Poodles of Willow Glade
Address: 2029 Lantana Cir, Shawnee OK 74804
Phone: (405) 355-8662

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