Stan Butterfield P.C., Attorney At Law Announces Updated Legal Website

The attorney has created videos to inform the public about important legal issues relating to probate, wills, guardianships, and more, reports

Stan Butterfield P.C., Attorney At Law recently announced a major website update for the firm. In the most current update, Attorney Butterfield has included videos he created specifically for the purpose of informing the public about important legal issues related to probate, wills, guardianships, conservatorships, trusts and fiduciary agents.

Stan Butterfield, the attorney in Dallas Oregon at the helm of the firm, stated "I think there is a growing need right now for more people than ever before to understand, from a layman's viewpoint, how the law protects the elderly and their families when the elderly are diminished or failing. This term, "elder law" is an umbrella that covers all of these legal processes. My new video series is my way to help folks get a better feel for what is involved in planning for and protecting the elderly and their families in the event of their loved one's death."

"I hope that these videos serve as an introduction to things that people can do to protect the elderly and ways they can address elder abuse if it is discovered. I also intend for viewers to begin to see that there is help available to support the elder person and their families as they meet the demands of caring for the elderly and carrying out their wishes," Attorney Butterfield went on to say."

In addition to the new videos, the updated site also includes a wealth of legal definitions, information for end-of-life preparation, and answers to the public's most critical questions, all written from the viewpoint of an experienced attorney who has provided legal assistance to so many needing help with wills in Salem Oregon.

As Butterfield continued, "My professional life has in one way or another always dealt with helping the elderly and their families. As an example when I was the elected District Attorney for Polk County, Oregon I spent several years prosecuting elder abuse and related cases. My private practice has also always been focused in great measure on helping the elderly and meeting their particular needs. My great desire is that my website and the videos that we are featuring will become a true resource for folks as they confront the issues of giving aid and assistance to the growing population of elderly folks in our communities."

About Stan Butterfield P.C., Attorney at Law:

In the 1980s, as young newlyweds, Stan Butterfield and his wife, Connie, befriended an elderly neighbor; the 106 year-old man was a treasury of stories. He enthralled Stan with tales of his work as a shipwright on some of the last of the merchant sailing ships and of his mid-life career change as a mechanic for the Wright brothers. It was with this old friend in mind that Stan began to advocate for the elderly; starting in 1988 as a Washington State legislator and then later in Oregon in his work as an attorney in private practice.

In recent years, Stan served as Polk County's District Attorney and was responsible for prosecuting a sizable number of criminal cases involving the financial or physical abuse of the elderly. As District Attorney, Stan's office prosecuted on average 2,000 cases a year and dealt with a large variety of offenders from murderers to drug addicts and petty thieves. Now Stan is again in private practice, but now he is able to focus more on helping the elderly.

Stan's passion for protecting the elderly grows out of a sense of gratitude for the many contributions the passing generations have made. His founding principle has been preserving the dignity of those he serves while providing help in maintaining the highest quality of life that circumstances will allow.

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