Stainless Steel Fermentation Tank Makers Get Lucky To Cope With Rising Demand

The global demand for stainless steel fermentation tanks is rising. Fermentation tank makers are making efforts to grab the opportunity.

With the growing wine industry, there is a rising demand for stainless fermentation tanks. A stainless steel tank for food processing is necessary for most food manufacturing companies and businesses. This is because such a tank can greatly reduce a lot of these companies’ costs. Also, the beer fermenting tank plays an important role in the daily life in western country.

Every process of beer brewing has a decisive influence on the quality of the final products, therefore, in the design of production line, brewers must take the selection of producers for each device into consideration. Below are some points that people should pay attention to:

The best volume is 300-500CBM and the best diameter of the fermentation tank is 5-6 meters. There are some types of cooling jackets, such as semicanal cooling, dribbling and dimple jacket. Different cooling type has different effect in different mediums. The most effective cooling jacket is the dimple jacket, less material consumption but have good cooling effect. It’s really an ideal method. The normal pressure of the fermenter in china is 0.12Mpa. But overseas, it is 0.09Mpa. Actually, 0.09Mpa pressure can reduce 20% of the fermenter cost. Of course, it must meet the safety need.

Currently?most people choose stainless steel rather than carbon steel. The safe period for Stainless steel tank is about 50 years. Pressure gauge and relief valve should be punctual to check, if there are any disadvantages to exchange or repair in time. Supporting surface should be check once a year, to ensure the normal use. Cleaning the fermentation tank, please wash with a soft brush; don't use hard scratch and fermentation tank surface to prevent injury. As an established name in the sector, Hangzhou Yintong Machinery Co., Ltd. has been dedicated to providing quality tanks to global buyers.

Various companies sell tank storage systems designed specifically for the food manufacturing industry. Make sure to ask for estimates from at least a handful of different companies so that people can guarantee that they get the best deal and storage system best suited to their needs.

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