SSL Private Proxy Extend Black Friday Special Offer Of 20% Off For Life

SSL Private Proxy offer secure and highly anonymous private proxies, shared proxies and virtual private networks, and have extended their discount offer for a limited time only.

With the NSA in the news for blanket processing millions of users’ online data, Microsoft Outlook attacking other email clients for taking user data to target advertising and even laws being debated to outlaw online anonymity, the discussion of privacy in the use of the internet is at a fever pitch. Many users now wish to take proactive steps to protect their online privacy and ensure they can browse anonymously. allows people to do just that with its range of anonymous private and shared proxies and virtual private networks.

The company recently released a special offer for Black Friday using a coupon code to offer a blanket 20% off all their products. The coupon code has proven so popular that the company have extended its use for a limited time only to allow more users to get the best deal available.

The company offer proxies and VPNs with speeds of up to one gigabyte per second data transfer and a dedicated IPS from servers in multiple cities and subnets around the US, with unlimited bandwidth and a monthly randomized server refresh to ensure maximum anonymity.

A spokesperson for SSL Private Proxy explained, “We are pleased to see that our Black Friday deal has seen so many people drawn to us as a provider, and because of this we’ve decided to extend the deal for a limited time only to allow more people to enjoy our great service and spread the word to others. The coupon code BLKFR13 allows for a flat 20% off all orders, whether shared or private proxies, or virtual private networks. This ensures that no matter the needs of the customer, they are met at an unbeatable rate- but not for long!”

About SSL Private Proxy:
Founded in 2012, SSL Private Proxy has established itself as a leader in online industry, providing a comprehensive suite of high anonymous proxies and secure Virtual Private Networks. SSL Private Proxy is now a global leader in providing highly anonymous proxies and secure Virtual Private Networks. They offer high speed proxies and VPNs for anonymity, classified ads, social media, SEO and web marketing.

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