Sri Vamsi Andukuri Receives India's Prestigious Award - Most Prominent CTO of the Year 2021

Vamsi Andukuri was awarded Most Prominent CTO of the Year 2021 in Blockchain Category by Nationwide Awards , He has honored by GMR Cargo CEO - Saurabh Kumar at HICC Novotel on 27th Nov 2021

Vamsi Andukuri is a serial Entrepreneur, IT Developer, Blockchain Expert, Business Consultant who has been recognized from India for the Most Prominent CTO of the Year 2021 for his skills, initiatives, and Knowledge in the space of Technology & Blockchain. He was honored with the Award on 27th Nov 2021 at Novotel, HICC. The Award was Presented by GMR Cargo CEO -Mr. Saurabh Kumar. The Event was organized in association with Government Blockchain Association


Vamsi Andukuri (born in 1992) is always inclined towards technology. He has started his career as an App Developer and Now he runs his own enterprise which develops Apps and Blockchain Technology Solutions called Onesea Technologies Private Limited. He is an Indian business tycoon, a serial entrepreneur, a Blockchain technology expert, and a business consultant. With just over five years into entrepreneurship, today his businesses range from software development, blockchain technology, and more. He also works in the community and contributes towards society for a social cause. Vamsi Andukuri has been in key leadership positions in building communities and creating technologies that solve day-to-day problems and make customer life easier.

Vamsi Andukuri is well known amongst business clients, peers, employees, and friends and set as a trendsetter throughout his career. His work addresses various folks such as conglomerates, startups, governments, professionals, and SMEs. He enriches his passion to mentor students to achieve their dreams and trains volunteers to deliver seamless service. He has delivered Guest Lectures for Business Owners, Tech Community Leaders and Students of various educational Institutions

Vamsi Andukuri pursued Masters in Computers Applications from Hyderabad which gave him a huge and unique opportunity to help organizations successfully to compete in the digital environment. He realized the power of disruptive technologies and so decided to transform businesses and encouraged his clients to integrate state-of-the-art technologies into their processes to achieve seamless growth.

Most of the important things in the world have been accomplished by people who have kept on trying when there seemed to be no hope at all. VAMSI is one of them. The popular witticism “When the going gets tough, the tough get going” perfectly fits his personality.

He started his career as a software development professional with immense conviction, determination, and a handful of revolutionary ideas about business that he was completely convinced of and he set out to make some significant changes by helping organizations in delivering successful customized gaming and other applications that generate additional revenue and achieve their profitability goals. Vamsi Andukuri took deep research into the field of cryptocurrency in 2018 which made in to fell in love with crypto markets. Vamsi took a plunge into entrepreneurship for business ventures and founded ‘Onesea Technologies Private Limited’ for software development as managing director in 2019. He also started the development of his own blockchain network “DART” which is the most powerful technology transacting at lightning speed.

With over 5+ years of journey as a business tycoon, Vamsi is on a journey to set a tribe of entrepreneurs DRIVEN COMMUNITY, to inspire every startup, SME and corporates to enter the passage to endow an employee’s journey to discover every step and train them to excel. A tribe who are ready to Blend and can set up the blending-business environment in every domain to improve the achievement and well-being of businesses.

Within the corporate environment, he is called “The Phoenix”, turning adversity into accomplishment. His single-minded dedication and determination not only revived non-performing businesses but also inspired first-generation entrepreneurs to inculcate a risk-taking spirit and become wealth creators & employment generators. Truly, he is a rock-solid mentor to every struggling blockchain startup.

Vamsi's Vision is to Build Dart as the Fastest Blockchain Ecosystem for Creators and Tech Enthusiasts to create tokens, launch their coins on the platform with ease. His team at onesea Technologies is working on DIY Model to Deploy and Create Tokens, Smart Contracts in Minutes on Platform. Vamsi andukuri has also mentioned Dart - Fastest Growing and Fastest Performing Blockchain Eco-System will be launched in the Month of Jan 2022. Dart will be Known for its Scalability and will be a Competitor for Ethereum very soon. Dart’s future surely looks promising. The future of mass blockchain-based solutions is considered to be heavily dependent on progress made in decentralized applications (DApps). DeFi (Decentralized Finance) projects are in the rage right now with a massive rise in networks that support this wave. Dart will be the leader in this space in the Future.

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