Squirrel Offers Expert Mortgage and Advice and Brokering Services In Auckland, New Zealand

Squirrel is a unique mortgage company that offers clients the opportunity to work with mortgage experts to carve out the best approach to getting a mortgage, refinancing homes and more.

Getting a mortgage is a big commitment- indeed, the word itself means an ‘agreement until death’. Just like marriage, it’s understandable that people want to make sure they are making the right commitment, and one they can stand by. Fortunately unlike marriage, many mortgages can switch provide or renegotiate agreements with the right advice. In New Zealand, Auckland based Squirrel is a mortgage advisor and broker that offers peerless service to its clients in securing the right mortgage package for them, as well as a range of other home finance services.

The company offers top quality mortgage advice from industry leading experts. They specialize in helping those who have already secured a mortgage negotiate a better deal from the bank, promising an easier time in the present and more money to spend in the future.

This service breaks down into two distinct strata, including help for mortgage stuff and life stuff, from dealing with mortgages after retirement to building a home instead of buying one. The company aims to be as comprehensive as possible so that clients can give their mortgage broker the best chance to be successful on their behalf in matching their refinancing deal to their needs and ambitions.

A spokesperson for Squirrel explained, “We write more than $25 million in mortgages every month, and in every case we fight on the side of the buyer to secure the best possible deal, based on the specific needs and circumstances of the individual and the expert guidance given by our team in formulating an agreed upon approach. For a company with such a meticulous attitude to individual customer care to create such large scale mortgage turnovers is testament to their efficiency and respected position in the market in New Zealand.”

About Squirrel:
Squirrel was created in 2007 when the global economy was battening down the hatches, and John ‘JB’ Bolton understood that people buying houses needed someone in their corner more than ever before. Having dealt with over $40b in mortgages in his banking career and his own passion for property investment, he used this leading expertise to create a customer focused mortgage business.

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Phone: (415) 632 1664
Website: http://www.squirrel.co.nz

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