Spring & Sprout Promotes Early Childhood Dental Care

The pediatric dental network encourages parents to begin their child's dental care by the age of 12 months, reports springandsprout.com

According to national studies, the incidence of cavities is on the rise among pre-school children. Nowadays a significant percentage of children have already developed a cavity before they turn four years old, and some are even getting cavities as young as age two. To reverse this trend, the online Pediatric Dentistry and orthodontics network Spring & Sprout is urging parents to make their child's first dental appointment before his or her first birthday.

"We find that a lot of parents are surprised by this recommendation," said spokesperson Gerry Samson. "At one year of age, babies may only have between four and eight teeth, and they're much too young to endure the kind of cleaning procedure dentists provide for older children. Consequently, parents often choose to wait until their children are older. However, if they wait till their child is in kindergarten, they're missing an opportunity to give their child's teeth the best possible protection. That's why we're trying to get the word out about the importance of making that first appointment within the first year of a child's life."

Samson went on to explain some of the benefits of infant dental care. A pediatric dentist can assess a baby's risk for cavities later on, and he or she can also give parents helpful advice about issues such as diet, thumb-sucking, teething and tooth development, use of fluoride, and infant mouth care. An experienced pediatric dentist will also be able to recognize the signs that a child may need orthodontics. Starting dental care and an oral hygiene program very early in life will decrease the likelihood that a child will develop cavities or other serious problems later on.

Spring & Sprout helps parents connect with both dentists and orthodontists who specialize in children's oral health. While orthodontic care doesn't need to start quite as early as dental visits, the American Association of Orthodontists recommends an initial visit at age 7. By this time, an orthodontist will be able to evaluate how the jaw is developing and whether there is likely to be crowding or bite problems as the adult teeth come in. It is important to begin treating serious bite problems early, while the jaw is still growing. In addition to Braces, orthodontists use many other treatments, including jaw repositioning appliances, space maintainers, and palate expanders.

Parents who are interested in finding a dentist for their child can browse the listings or fill out a brief form at www.springandsprout.com. In addition, they can find information on a wide variety of children's oral health issues, including what to expect at their child's first dental visit and reasons why parents should choose a pediatric dentist rather than a regular dentist for their child.

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Spring & Sprout is an online resource and network of dental offices devoted to helping parents find great pediatric dentists and orthodontists. By providing valuable information regarding children's dental and oral health care, the network seeks to positively affect the lives of patients, their families, and the communities that surround them.

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