Sports and Spinal Injury Clinic, LLC Launches Newly Expanded Treatment Lineup

True healing requires a holistic approach to chiropractic treatment, publishes

An estimated 80 percent of Americans experience some level of back pain during their lifetimes according to a recent report from the medical sector. Further studies conducted by the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke indicate at least 20 percent of acute lower back pain cases reach chronic status within a year after first presenting. Having provided care for thousands of patients in Alaska, the team at Sports and Spinal Injury Clinic, LLC have seen the full array of conditions in this arena. In an effort to better serve members of the local community suffering from back pain, Anchorage Chiropractor, Dr. Matthew Huettl has launched the clinic's newly extended lineup of services.

Said Dr. Huettl, "We're proud to provide back pain sufferers a wide range of holistic treatments. Our top-notch chiropractic and wellness services are fully tailored to each patient's unique needs and designed to not only generate a level of immediate relief, but long-term results as well. We strive to develop all-inclusive treatment plans without resorting to invasive surgical procedures or often-ineffective prescription medications; instead, we rely on natural healing solutions. Our approach has been found to help improve patients' quality of life without lengthy recovery periods or the frustration of fruitless efforts."

Conditions treated at the Chiropractic Clinic include accident and work-related injuries. Muscle spasms; scoliosis; hip, knee, leg, neck, shoulder and lower back pain; headaches and numbness are among the practice's areas of expertise as well. Various syndromes contributing to back and joint pain are also part of the clinic's repertoire.

Numerous services are available via the clinic, such as massage therapy, nutritional counseling and progressive stretching and exercise plans. The practice additionally offers chiropractic biophysics, a treatment approach designed to promote total-body wellness through spinal and postural rehabilitation. Low-force spinal adjustments using the highly touted Activator Method are likewise provided as are other techniques.

"Our goal is to become the Chiropractor of choice for our friends and neighbors in Anchorage and the surrounding areas," concluded Dr. Huettl. "We're dedicated to providing comprehensive treatments to achieve healing rather than just temporary relief from pain and discomfort. We invite anyone in need of our services to contact us for a consultation to learn more about how our team can help. Far too many people have resigned themselves to living with back pain, but with us, there's no need to continue suffering."

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A locally owned and operated practice, Sports and Spinal Injury Clinic, LLC is committed to provided the highest quality of chiropractic and wellness care to those in the Anchorage area.

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