Spky Frsh Set To Launch New NFT Avatars On Halloween

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From Concept to MVP to Product Launch to Market Disruptor in 3-Months

Spky Frsh, pronounced “Spooky Fresh,” is set to release their Genesis Launch of Non-Fungible-Token (NFT) Utility Avatars on Halloween with a goal to disrupt the market with high-quality composable visuals, real world use, and the first-ever social impact NFTs.

The Co-Founders, a group of Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA) alumni, joined forces to solve several problems within the $3 Billion NFT market: lack of diversity, high barriers of entry, limited functional utility, non-eco-friendly, siloed community, poor art direction, and most importantly address the short-term product development by dispelling the 10K Then Bust meme.

The concept began with spooky fresh ghosts, quickly evolving into a community-owned and led (DAO) system, giving art collectors, artists, mission-driven orgs and brands voting rights on future product roll-out, special campaigns and impact strategies.

“Spooky Fresh is on a MISSION to create a product that is community-owned and led. We are collaboratively designing NFTs to have real-world-use and to create a long-term social impact ripple in the world.” - Richard Best, Co-founder & CEO

Spky Frsh MVP offering is a proprietary trait genome that leverages generative technology and ERC1155 to build composable NFTs that allows users to create, collect and customize rare digital collectibles layers. Spky Frsh has partnered with BlockCo Labs to develop smart contracts that enable each NFT sold to to support one of the 17 UN Sustainable Goals + Spky Frsh Creative Commons and allow each layer to be traded and upgraded. This product functionality allows Spky Frsh NTFs to evolve based on the real world impact of each NFT or campaign.


● Launch Details: Sunday, October 31, 2021 at 12:01 AM EST on Spooky Fresh Website
● Product Info: 3,333 Spky Frsh Genesis NFTswill be released on the Polygon Blockchain, retailing at ~$150 Matic
● Exclusive VIP Priority Launch: Early registrants will receive exclusive priority access to the drop the day before on 10.30.21
● Key Features
○ Interactive evolutionary NFTs layers that evolve based on real world impact and campaigns
○ Co-Creation model with artists, brands and non-profit organizations
○ Eco-friendly (Polygon) and DAO led and owned Community
○ Sustainable - Every Spirit Force is staked to 1 of 17 UN Sustainability Goals and Creative Commons
○ Scalable IP and Proprietary Genome: 8 genes, 120+ traits, 3 our 18 Spirit Guides (Time, Gravity and Light)

About Spky Frsh: Spky Frsh (pronounced spooky fresh) is a generative collection of composable NFT avatars known as Spirit of Guide of the Metaverse. Our mission is to build a co-creation NFT ecosystem that enables collectors, brands, and mission driven organizations to create, collect and customize rare digital collectables while engaging in social impact causes. Spky Frsh was co-founded by Richard Best, MA/MBA — CEO & Product Leader; Florcy Morisset, MA/MBA — COO & CMO, Lucas Madeira BFA, MPS — UX/UI Lead and last but not least the Genesis Artists: Gavi Crane and Will Shanklin. Read More, About the Founders

Contact Info:
Name: Florcy Morisset, Co-Founder, COO
Email: Send Email
Organization: Spky Frsh
Website: http://www.spkyfrsh.com

Release ID: 89050401

Name: Florcy Morisset, Co-Founder, COO
Email: Send Email
Organization: Spky Frsh