Spine Align Chiropractic in Idaho Falls Now Offering Class 4 K Laser Pain Therapy

Spine Align Chiropractic in Idaho Falls is now offerring the K Laser therapy system to all of its patients. The K laser therapy system uses a class 4 "cold laser" technology that provides amazing results.

Spine Align Chiropractic now offers K Laser therapy to its patients. The K Laser technology is an FDA approved class 4 laser therapy. K laser light therapy quickly and safely decreases pain, inflammation and swelling in patients. The K laser system offers a breakthrough class 4 laser treatment that is extremely effective in increasing the body’s own ability to heal itself. Patients typically see great improvements within five to six quick treatments.

Renowned Chiropractors and back pain specialists Dr. Todd Reese and Dr. Devin Scoresby of Spine Align chiropractic in Idaho Falls are now offering class 4 laser therapy to all of their patients. The breakthrough new laser technology will help them treat patients with issues ranging from back pain, tendinitis, whiplash, general back pain, leg pain and other assorted issues.
According to Dr. Reese a leading chiropractor in Idaho Falls the new K Laser treatment system is amazing. It is a class 4 laser, approved by the FDA, to quickly and more importantly safely decrease the pain and swelling associated with many common injuries.

The K laser system works using a cold laser technology that increases the patient’s metabolism at a cellular level. This speeds up the body’s own healing process. At the cellular level damaged cells take in the light photons, which in turn causes the cells to start healing themselves. Dr. Reese went on to say that the results they were seeing were nothing short of incredible. “It is vital that people get introduced to this new laser therapy system.” The equipment is somewhat expensive so there are only a small number of doctors in Idaho currently offering K laser therapy to their patients.

Dr. Reese added that it may come as a surprise but the NFL is also currently using the K Laser class 4 therapies to treat players with all sorts of injuries. The NFL has seen amazing results and because of the laser therapy being given out, players are seeing less pain, and injuries are healing quicker. The K Laser therapy system now offered at Spine Align Chiropractic in Idaho Falls compliments the other equipment and procedures in place.


Spine align Chiropractic, is a family friendly chiropractic office, located just outside of Idaho Falls in Ammon. More information can be found at or by calling them at (208) 227-0400.

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