SpeedZap Announces New One Click Online Speed Test

SpeedZap allows people to test their internet speed without having to download an app, install a tool or give their email address in order to get the results, making accurate readings truly accessible.

Internet connection is now as vital in the developed world as plumbing, heating or electricity. Having a strong, stable and high-speed connection facilitates many things people now consider essential. To inform to their service provider or seek a better connection, people must first know their speed, but most speed tests now require the download of an app or program, or ask users to submit an email address to get the results. SpeedZap does away with all of this, by giving people the results they need in a single click.

SpeedZap has their internet speed test tool available directly on their home page, where individuals can click the “Begin Test” button, and the rest is taken care of. The site will first test the download speed, then the upload speed, to deliver the most accurate possible reading.

The test has been developed using HTML5, so there is no flash requirement, and all results are posted directly to the tool on the homepage. Individuals can use the website on any device or screen size thanks to its fully responsive format, and the comprehensive resource center enables people to easily interpret the data received.

A spokesperson for SpeedZap explained, “We understand that many people want a simple, clear speed test for their internet that is easy to use and provides instant results. We can do just that, without having to go through any of the usual processes speed test companies use to manipulate their users into giving up valuable data. Because ours is a browser speed test, it can provide the most accurate possible results, though we recommend individuals close all other tabs before they begin. We hope this website helps more people than ever get the accurate, fast and easy results they need.”

About SpeedZap: SpeedZap uses cutting-edge technology to deliver the best possible results whenever individuals need to test their internet speed. It works seamlessly on Desktop as well as Mobile, without having to download any app. The website offers one-click functionality, and a full FAQ to help people interpret the results. There is even a resource center with information on browsers, connections, how transfers work and more.

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