Speedy Bailbonds Launches Efforts To Educate Maryland Residents On Bail Bond Process

Speedy Bailbonds strives to make the bail bond process as fast and easy as possible for clients.

Despite reports indicating Maryland's crime rates have dipped to an all time low, records reveal an average of 200,000 people are arrested in the state each year. Whether guilty or innocent of the crimes of which they are accused, those arrested and their families face frustration, fear and uncertainty of what lies ahead. In an effort to help those in such situations return to their lives and begin planning their defense as quickly as possible, M. Clark of Speedy Bailbonds has launched efforts to educate Maryland residents on how to bail someone out of jail.

Clark explained, "We at Speedy Bailbonds understand the difficulties faced by defendants and their families, and we offer the patience and professionalism our clients need during this time in their lives. For many, the bail bond process is a completely foreign concept. Once they receive the call informing them a loved one is in jail, they have no idea how to proceed. We want to provide information to help alleviate some of the confusion."

Based on the majority of cases, typical bail amounts are difficult for defendants and their families to come up with, which eliminates the possibility of being able to bypass bail bond agencies. Seeking the help of a bail bondsman is their only viable course of action. In order to provide bail bonds MD, many agencies require extensive personal information pertaining to the defendant; however, the staff of Speedy Bailbonds requests only the defendant's name and will make every attempt to find the remaining information on their own.

Bail amount is also an essential factor. In most situations, 10 percent of the set amount is required to have a defendant released from jail, which is the amount provided by the bondsman. Clark noted Speedy Bailbonds accepts as low as 1 percent, and most of their clients are eligible for no collateral Bail Bonds Upper Marlboro MD. Those who do not qualify for the no collateral option are required to provide cash, stocks, bonds or real estate as assurance the defendant will appear for his or her scheduled court dates. If the defendant has nothing of value to provide for collateral, his representative may need to seek assistance from other family members.

Once the defendant's information has been gathered, the bail bondsman will proceed to court to provide bail and ensure the defendant is released from custody. After appearing for any scheduled hearings and resolution of the case, any collateral provided to the agency will be returned to its owner. If the defendant fails to appear in court, he or the person who provided collateral will be responsible for reimbursing the agency for the entire bail amount, and collateral will not be returned. Additionally, a warrant will be issued for the defendant's arrest.

Concluded Clark, "We strive to work with any client, regardless of his or her credit standing or lack of collateral. We offer 24/7 emergency service, flexible payment plans, and we are qualified to provide bail throughout the state of Maryland. We are also the only agency in the state willing to post immigration bonds. Our goal is to help defendants get out of jail as quickly and easily as possible."

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With care, honesty and confidentiality, the staff of Speedy Bailbonds is committed to helping clients regardless of their financial situation. They provide fast service any time of the day or night to ensure clients are able to carry on with their lives as quickly as possible.

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