Specialists Shed Light On Entering U.S. With A Criminal Record After Obtaining Pardon

Having a criminal record can cause a lot of challenges, with travelling to or via U.S. being one of them. It is illegal to travel to the United States if you have a criminal record in Canada.

Having a criminal record can cause a lot of challenges, with travelling to or via U.S. being one of them. Canadians with a criminal record have to apply for U.S. entry waiver ahead of time. The bad news is, getting a pardon from Canadian authorities does not automatically grant you the right to travel waiver-free to the USA. U.S. authorities do not accept Canadian pardons. Many companies offering waiver application support services wrongly insist that there are no exceptions. Canadian-based U.S. entry waiver firm usentrywaiver.ca shared circumstances that would exempt you from having to apply for a waiver after getting a pardon.

Travelling To The U.S. Without a Waiver

U.S. does not recognize pardons issued by Canadian Authorities. However travelling after record suspension and file destruction means that the U.S. authorities will not be able to find out that the record was even there. ‘If Canadian with a criminal record has not made attempts to enter the U.S. prior to getting pardon and record suspension then the chances are the U.S. government won’t have record of charges’ says Liberty Waivers specialist.

Many Canadians are led to believe by various entry waiver firms that getting a criminal record 20 years ago automatically implies that they will always need a waiver to enter the USA. But this is not the case. The truth is that travelling after getting a pardon, record suspension and file destruction of criminal charges means that U.S. Immigration will not know you even had a record. Plenty of people trust the companies that provide assistance for U.S. entry waiver applications and as a result voluntarily tell the U.S. authorities about the criminal record after getting the pardon and record suspension.

U.S. Immigration obtains information about charges from Canadian Police Information Centre (CPIC). Once they have the record they will keep it on file, regardless whether get subsequent pardon from Canadian authorities. Therefore if a Canadian citizen has never tried entering the United States and has never been denied entry prior to getting the pardon and record suspension from Canadian authorities, U.S. Immigration simply will not have access to those records and you can travel waiver-free.

Canadian citizens and residents are eligible for a pardon 5 years after the completion of sentence for summary offences, while the waiting period for indictable offences is 10 years. Once suspension application is prepared, it can take from 6 to 12 months to get the pardon from Canadian authorities. Once the records suspension is approved, the U.S. authorities will not be able to access the information, unless they already had it on file. FPS will no longer show up on INS searches conducted at the border. Travellers with pardoned criminal records have to keep in mind that this only applies to those Canadians who have never been denied an entry before.

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