Specialist Carpet Cleaning Launches New Website To Promote Wimbledon Upholstery Restoration

SpecialistCarpetCleaning.co.uk is a new website promoting the services of carpet and upholstery expert Gary Harding, serving the Wimbledon area to help homeowners breathe new life into their rooms.

Carpets, upholstery and soft furnishings are a large part of what makes a house a home, and when people first move in and customize their home, these furnishings seem to resonate with freshness, sharp patterns and bright colours. Over time it is inevitable that these colours fade, the patterns lose their definition and what was new becomes weathered and worn by use. Restoring them is difficult, but not impossible in the hands of experts. Gary Harding has over 30 years’ experience in the field, and has launched the new Specialist Carpet Cleaning website to promote his services in Wimbledon.

Gary Harding offers cleaning and restoration services for carpets and curtains, soft furnishings, walls and ceilings, antique furniture and delicate specialist fabrics such as Persian rugs. He emlpoys the latest techniques and decades of experience to ensure the utmost care is taken over the items themselves, to carefully bring that back to the softness and vibrancy they exhibited when new.

The website not only has a full break down of how these services work, and contact details to arrange for a free quote, it also has a new blog which will cover common problems individuals experience with their carpets, from spilling wax to reducing dust mite populations, as well as little known facts and tricks.

A spokesperson for Specialist Carpet Cleaning explained, “We are proud to be able to launch this website on behalf of Gary Harding, who is an absolute expert in what he does and capable of creating incredible results on behalf of his customers. The website has been designed to ensure that those searching online for carpet cleaning services do not miss out on the best available practitioner of these particular arts, who until now has been the best kept secret of a privileged client list.”

About Specialist Carpet Cleaning: Specialist Carpet Cleaning is the website of Carpet and Upholstery specialist Gary Harding, who serves Wimbledon and the surrounding areas. Gary Harding has over 30 years of experience in carpet cleaning and upholstery restoration, from antique furnishings to modern fabrics. Harding is even capable of cleaning walls and ceilings to remove marks and restore former glories.

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