SPD Lasers Release New Generation of Laser Welding Machines For Cutting Edge Applications

SPD Lasers has introduced a new breed of industrial laser welding machines, for use across the automotive, medical, aerospace and robotics industries.

Lasers have captured people’s imaginations since the early 20th century. After being a prominent part of science fiction, they are now used in everyday life, for everything from pointers to engravings to industrial applications. The latest innovation in laser technology is laser welding, which allows for a precision finish that is essential in advanced engineering applications. SPD Lasers is a company that has specialized in laser cutter development, and has released a new range of laser welders for use in advanced mechanical, technological and manufacturing applications.

The new generation of laser welding machines utilize a fully integrated control system that enables individuals to control all machine functions from a single interface. The machines have a system hard drive that can store all part programs, while maintaining compatibility with in-house factory automation computers.

The Energy Shaping™ hardware and software included allows complete energy shaping of the laser power, with a resolution of only 2 µsec. Pulse on Demand™ technology also enables the Laser welding machine to offer programmable weld spot spacing on up to 5 axes of simultaneous, coordinated motion. This makes them equipped to handle the most advanced possible applications.

The work done to develop this new generation of equipment is part of continual innovation, research and development at SPD Lasers across all their product categories, to ensure they stay at the forefront of the industry.

A spokesperson for SPD Lasers explained, “We are thrilled to be able to introduce this new generation of advanced laser welding machines. These machines provide essential capabilities for the aerospace, medical and robotics industries, as well as being used in car manufacturing. With advanced proprietary features, these machines are positioned to offer greater capability, precision and consistency than ever before. As such, we are confident we can help companies continue to improve output through processes that improve speed and efficiency, and the quality of the finished products. We are looking forward to being able introduce these laser welders to manufacturers throughout the world.”

About SPD Lasers: SPD Lasers is a company that specializes in cutting edge laser products for modern applications. Their team of expert applications engineers, have over 40 years of combined experience, and are able to guide clients to the right solution for their particular requirements. The product line includes top quality solutions for laser marking, engraving, welding, cutting, drilling, annealing, ablation and more.

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