Spa-Turnaround Specialist Dori Soukup Reveals Top 6 Secrets to Profitable Spa Management

Dori Soukup, spa-turnaround specialist, hosts the 3-day InSPAration Management LEAP Ahead Leadership Seminar in Orlando Florida.

As the spa industry continues to shift towards providing clients with holistic wellness solutions, many spa owners are facing difficulties adjusting and growing their business. Spa-turnaround specialist Dori Soukup tells Spa Leaders “It’s not your fault! The problem is that no one has given you a proven blueprint for spa success that has worked for thousands of spa owners all over the world.”

Dori challenges spa owners and managers by telling them to “imagine earning the money you deserve. Think about what it would be like to buy anything you want, when you want, and without wondering if you can afford it. The LEAP Ahead Leadership Seminar will take you there.”

As a spa management and turn-around specialist, Dori has traveled to more than 27 countries helping spa owners build better businesses. “What I do is give spa owners tools and business recipes that they can implement into their business and start seeing immediate results,” explains Dori.

Here are the Top 6 spa management secrets that spa owners and leaders will learn during the 3-day InSPAration Management LEAP Ahead Leadership Seminar in Orlando Florida:

Secret #1 – Build a list. To increase traffic, spa owners must have an actionable marketing plan that includes a strategy to generate leads that will be converted into clients.

Secret #2 – Understand financial ratios. By using a detailed budget and performance reports, spa owners can monitor the health of their business and make profitable adjustments.

Secret #3 – Uncover hidden profits. One of the best ways to increase profits is to use a system that produces retail sales and upgrade opportunities that are easy for a team to promote.

Secret #4 – Build a dream team. No matter how beautiful a spa is, if the team is not united and productive, spa owners will never reach their financial and lifestyle goals. Team members need training, performance expectations, rewards, recognition, and a career path to stay motivated.

Secret #5 – Be a respected leader. True leaders are revered by their team. Be a leader that others want to follow.

Secret #6 – Create a memorable guest experience. In addition to earning repeat guests that don’t just visit on Valentine’s Day, happy guests will share their experiences with their friends who will visit a spa in the future.

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