South Daytona insurance agency opens a sister office in West Volusia

Sherzer & Associates opens a sister office in Volusia County to accommodate its growth and service customers on the west side of Volusia.

Sherzer opens a sister office in Volusia County to accommodate its growth and service customers on the west side of Volusia.

The new office is located at 1810 South Volusia Ave, Unit D in Orange City in a strip center just down from John’s Appliances. The office location was chosen because of its central location on a high traffic street just on the border of Orange City and Deltona. This area has been growing at 10% annually and further growth is expected.
Richard W. Dixon, new owner and operator of the Sherzer & Associates West Volusia office, was born and raised in Volusia County. Richard graduated from UCF with a BA in Business Administration and a minor in Communication. He enjoys anything active including running, swimming, surfing, sailing, and anything with a ball.

Richard shares the story of how he got into the business: “ While going to school and working full time I would once a month go into my insurance agency, Sherzer & Associates in South Daytona, to make my auto insurance payment. Every time Marvin Sherzer, the founder of Sherzer & Associates, would have me wait until he finished with whoever he was helping so that he could have a chance to sit and talk to me. He would do this even if every other customer service representative was available to help me. It made me feel special and shows the kind of man Marvin is. Every time we would sit together he would finish up saying, “Now Richard, insurance is not the most glamorous industry, but it will always pay the bills.” Not exactly the greatest pitch, but the honesty of his statement became engraved into my thoughts.

A few months later I excitedly came in to the office and asked Marvin for an internship. He apologetically informed me that he had just sold the business. Unlucky for me… or so I thought. Marvin informed me that the gentleman he had sold the business to was a young guy with one of the best business senses' he had ever seen, Jim Allender.

A few days later I returned to Sherzer & Associates to meet with Jim armed with my schedule of time that I would be able to work in exchange for knowledge. Now, Jim is a bulkier fellow and at first glance one might be intimidated by him, but as soon as he smiles and cracks a joke (which he did right away and does often) you are immediately at ease. I handed Jim my schedule of time. He folded it up, and promptly filed it away in the trash. He then said to me, “You come and work when you can and I will teach you the business” and he did just that. Starting out as a file clerk I worked my way up and in less than five years later, with Jim’s, Marvin’s, and a few others’ guidance I now own and operate Sherzer & Associates West Volusia office. “

With four sister offices in California, one in Georgia, and now two in Florida, Richard’s goal is to expand the insurance agency to other areas in Florida. He says, “We plan on extending our markets and expertise to the residents of other cities, hiring local talent and impacting the community in a positive way. We look forward to bringing on young business professionals and mentoring them into becoming local business owners and leaders.”

In order to prepare well for the West Volusia market, Richard improved his Spanish through intensive courses as well as visiting Peru for several weeks.
To prove that Sherzer means community involvement in West Volusia, Richard got involved with the West Volusia Chamber of Commerce and is in the process of becoming affiliated also with the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce and the West Volusia Realtor Association.

Contact Info:
Name: Richard Dixon
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Organization: Sherzer & Associates, LLC
Address: 1810 South Volusia Ave., Suite D, Orange City, FL 32763
Phone: 386.218.4951

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