Sound Bar Review Launches Consumer Site Offering Sound Advice

Large screen tvs often mean poor sound so alternative options a must for consumers reports newly launched Sound Bar Review.

According to a recent industry report from IBISWorld, the outlook for the TV and Home Installation Services industry looks optimistic, with revenues expected to increase at an average yearly rate of 4.2% to almost $14 billion in the next two years. Improved economic conditions are expected to increase consumer spending, encouraging buyers to allocate more on electronics, such as TVs and home theaters and their associated accessories such as sound bars.

With this increase in customer spending expected, Joshua Soduim, spokesperson for Soundbar Reviews Guide (, has announced the launch of his online site, providing insightful, well-researched reviews and tips for consumers shopping for sound bars for their systems. Soduim confirms, "The bottom line is sound bars are by far the best way to get affordable sound quality into the average living room. They're easy to install and they're inexpensive to purchase. Plus, they don't have all those ugly and frustrating wires that everyone hates that come with a surround sound stereo system. While, let's face it, you're not going to get the booming sound you'd get with separate speakers placed all over the room; however, if you're looking for good quality sound for movies and television shows, an LG sound bar, for example, is going to do a much better job than any large screen television's built-in set of speakers."

Soduim goes on to say, "Maybe you bought your television based on its great picture or great price, but when you got it home, the sound wasn't so great. If that's the case, you may need to buy a sound bar to go with it to improve the sound. As sleek and stylish as today’s televisions are, there is one aspect of their performance consumers often find disappointing, the sound. It's because those sleek television cabinets don’t leave much space for speakers. And because of this, pictures that pop with color and detail, are being paired with those thin, choppy sound effects that hardly decode a clear dialogue."

The problem consumers are finding, however, is the marketplace is flooded with sound bar options, says Soduim. "There is much to choose from. We give them the options, and our opinions, and then let them voice their opinions too. Consumers now have a place to go to get the real information to make an informed buying decision."

About is an online research site providing helpful reviews, informative information and tips for consumers shopping for sound bars for their theater systems. The site is in the format of a weblog so that each time the editors post new information, it will populates at the top of the front page. This means visitors can check back there frequently to see new updates to the information found there.

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