SockWell USA Reports on the Benefits of Compression Socks

Compression stockings help those suffering from diabetes, individuals at risk of DVT, pregnant women, and more and come in many sizes and styles to meet the needs of all, announces

Compression socks benefit numerous individuals. Those who engage in sports, men and women looking to prevent serious health conditions, and those who want to be more comfortable often invest in the socks to achieve these goals. Sockwell USA provides compression socks along with other products designed to make a person feel better without sacrificing style in the process.

The socks improve blood flow while reducing the wearer's pain and swelling in the legs. Individuals at risk of deep vein thrombosis find they minimize their risk of developing this condition when wearing the socks. They benefit others who struggle with circulation issues as well.

The socks fit snugly and squeeze the leg. Men and women might assume tight socks serve the same purpose, but the compression stockings remain tight in the ankle area. As the sock moves up the leg, it becomes looser. The compression aspect of the sock lies in the tube portion of the stocking as opposed to the foot.

Others who benefit from compression socks include those who stand on their feet all day, individuals who spend long hours on a plane, and individuals who recently had surgery. Anyone unable to leave their bed and those who find it difficult to move their legs should speak to their doctor about compression socks, and the same is true of women who are pregnant. The weight of the developing baby might lead to leg issues.

Compression stockings apply pressure on the legs to help the blood vessels work properly. Arteries move oxygen-rich blood to the muscles, but these arteries may relax and allow the blood to flow freely. When this happens, the body struggles to push this blood back to the heart. With the help of the compression socks, the veins receive a boost when carrying out this task.

The legs experience less fatigue when the stockings are worn, and they tend to be less achy. The feet and ankles swell less when compression socks are used, and spider and varicose veins become less of a concern.

While more than 900,000 individuals may suffer from deep vein thrombosis every year, this condition remains rare in those under 40. Sadly, of those affected, the CDC reports up to 100,000 will die as a result of the condition.

Approximately 25 percent of these individuals suddenly pass away with no symptoms present before their demise. Another ten to 30 percent lose their lives within a month of being diagnosed with DVT.

Compression stockings ensure blood keeps flowing through the veins rather than pooling where it can form a clot. When a clot does form, there is a risk it will break free and travel through the body before lodging in a new location. In the event the clot lands in the lungs, the person's life is at risk. However, clots anywhere in the body bring about problems.

Blood finds it difficult to move around the clot. This brings about discolored skin, swelling, and additional issues. Anyone experiencing these issues needs to be seen immediately to prevent permanent damage or death.

Speak to the medical team to learn more about the benefits of compression socks for various conditions. When the doctor feels they will be of benefit, begin the search for the right compression stockings by going to SockWell USA. Here, consumers find a range of socks suitable for various purposes, including compression socks, socks for bunion relief, and more.

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