SociWork and RichSneakers the world famous startups launched by 26-year-old entrepreneur which turned him into the youngest millionaire

The Millionaire "Badr El Battahi"

At the young age of 26, he is CEO of multiple businesses. His startup idea is the reason Badr secured a spot in this list. Being the owner of two famous companies SociWork and RichSneakers he has been able to reach the new level of success.

He launched SociWork in 2015 after graduating from high school. It is a social media agency. He continued down this path and in 2018 launched RichSneakers. After becoming the founder of many successful startup companies and developing various Android and iOS application, Badr became the youngest millionaire in the world. His net worth is $2 million.

He started SociWork as a social media marketing agency for the singer, influencers, models and business owners who want to take their fam to the next level. His mission was to help people reach out to more audience. With SociWork he has been able to reach out to many people. He helped may new actors and stars to reach out to their fans and show the skills that they have which could be helpful in the future. We all know that how the entertainment and sports industry work. You have to be famous to be successful.

The mission of SociWork is to assure that people will become famous and there will be fans loving them. The best thing about SociWork is that it will not only target the local fans. His mission is to assure that your name will be famous globally and people from around the world will recognize the work that you have done and will surely appreciate the skills that you have.

RichSneakers is the platform that made Badr el Battahi rich. He made his first million in 2018 by selling sneakers that are not easily available in the market anymore. All the sneakers he sells are authentic and rare, which makes them extra special.

RichSneakers is the real gem that has helped Badr reach the new heights of fame and success. While opening RichSneakers the main purpose of Badr was to introduce the limited edition and rare sneakers into the market once again that are not easily available these days. This is the reason he opened his store and collected the information about all the famous, limited edition and rare sneakers that have been introduced by the top brands from around the world.

There are many people who are interested in buying the limited edition sneakers because it provides them with a chance to look unique and different in a unique way. He was able to sell most of the rare sneakers in the first few months after the launch of RichSneakers because people already knew his passion and dedication for his work. His mission was to assure that quality of all the sneakers will be maintained in the best possible way. He assures to deliver authentic and high-quality products to customers for better results and services.

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