Social Media Due to Dominate Business Investment According to Marketing Trends 2013.

Based on a recent Business Survey, trends suggest specific marketing sectors that Businesses are looking to invest in 2013.

StrongMail have recently completed a survey using SurveyMonkey to gain a grasp of the upcoming years Marketing Trends 2013. The data captured has provided us with an in depth perspective as to what to expect in 2013 within the Marketing Industry and what trends are going to excel.

Looking at the year ahead is key to assessing which campaigns and strategies are going to be in the forefront in 2013.

"Based on the information collected Business Marketing budgets are on track to remain consistent during 2013 with 45% of businesses increasing their investment and around 44% keeping their levels the same," says Matt Ewens.

Industry sectors such as social media, email marketing and mobile marketing are predicted to rise at the same rate as in 2012 whereby businesses believe they are receiving the best ROI.

Marketing Trends 2013 are expressing certain variables which you can apply to your business in the coming year. Something you will find which is quite apparent with Social Media in 2013, is that most business's currently use existing unskilled employees to keep their Social presence optimized.

Companies will start to invest more in Social Media teams and especially consultants to keep them ahead of the competition in this increasingly hard fought Social world.

About Matt Ewens: Matt is an online strategist that teaches people how to exploit the different methods and strategies used for effective Internet Marketing.

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