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The new product is designed to keep dogs safe from snake bites when doing outdoor activities with their owners, reports, a premier online destination for snake bite protective gear, is announcing the introduction of a new product to their current lineup. The new product is a protective vest designed to keep dogs safe from snake bites during outdoor activities like hiking or hunting. Those who would like to know more about the vest and how it can help keep their beloved pet out of harm’s way should visit

Larry Seith, one of the owners of, stated “For a dog, a Rattle Snake Bite is considered a serious emergency. It can even be fatal if the bite occurs in a critical area like the chest. It’s so easy for rattlesnake venom to spread throughout a dog’s body and very quickly begin to interfere with their vital biological processes. The new product we’re carrying in our online store is a vest for dogs that offers them unmatched protection from the potentially devastating effects of snake bites. We are proud to be able to offer this item in response to growing demand from our customers for something that would keep their canine companions safe from harm in the outdoors.”

The Dog Snake Bite vest is made by TurtleSkin SnakeArmor, the same company that makes premium snake gaiters and chaps for humans. The vest is made with patented high-strength, break resistant fibers that are woven so tightly together that snake fangs have no chance of penetrating them. While the vest is highly protective, it is also lightweight, flexible, and snag-free so that dogs can move through the underbrush with ease and confidence. The TurtleSkin Snake Bite Protection Vest is currently available in five sixes, three colors, and is fully adjustable to ensure the best fit for just about any size dog.

“Whether it’s Snake Chaps or a protective vest for their dog, we want our customers to know that we truly care about keeping them and everyone they love safe during outdoor activities. The addition of the TurtleSkin SnakeArmor vest is going to allow us to do just that as we better serving the needs of our customers and the canines that have become such an integral part of their families.”

About is an online store that provides products and information to keep people safe from snake bites while in the desert or woods. The site is owned by Larry and Denise Seith of Gold Rush Group LLC. Each day, their team strives to provide effective protective products and fast service to everyone who orders from their website.

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