Smartphones Reducing the Efficiency of Small Business Owners, Virtual Receptionist Provide Hack.

EasyBee, a virtual receptionist service, wants small businesses to know about an easy hack that improves productivity and helps boost revenue.

Smartphones are supposed to enhance business productivity, especially for small business owners. Suddenly, managers and owners don't have to be present at the desk 24-7 to run the business; they can handle communication, accounting and even sales tasks via mobile devices from wherever they happen to be. The problem is that smartphones could be leading to as much time wasted as time saved. The question becomes: Could A Virtual Receptionist Help?

According to Tech Crunch, users in the United States are spending as much as five hours a day on the phone, and the time spent is only trending up. Not all that time is spent on business activity, either — and that's true for small business owners as well as other users. Jessie, an online business consultant, said she engages in nonbusiness activity on her devices at least four hours a day, with a quarter of that time spent during business hours. "I tell myself I'm taking a 'coffee' break, but 20 or 30 minutes later, I'm still scrolling Facebook or am caught up in some game."

One of the challenges for small business owners is that they often use their smartphone for business calls and even emails. They can't keep the device in a drawer to ward off time-wasting habits, and once they pick up the smartphone to answer a phone call, it's hard not to check social media or play one "quick" round of the latest addicting game. It might not be a problem for every entrepreneur with a mobile device, but one small landscape company owner says it is for him. "The phone rings, and it might be a customer. I stop the mower and check because missing a call could be missing a new client. But once I've stopped the machine and dealt with the call, why not have a quick break and check everything?"

The solution to that particular problem, says an EasyBee rep, is not to stop the mower to begin with. When incoming calls are handled by virtual reception, small business owners can limit the number of interruptions in their day. Only the calls that need to be handled by the owner are routed through, but all other customers get a professional, helpful answer. Meanwhile, small business owners can get more done by looking at their smartphone that much less.

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