SmartBooks founder reveals how they are helping small business grow using outsourced cloud accounting services and HR – Concord, MA

Founder of SmartBooks, Calvin Wilder, has just revealed how the accounting outsource firm is helping small businesses grow using cloud based virtual accounting teams. For more information please visit

In a recent interview, Calvin Wilder, founder of SmartBooks in Concord, MA, has just revealed how they are helping small businesses grow using outsourced accounting.

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“The experience our clients get, most of whom are small business owners, is that they don’t have to become experts on bookkeeping or accounting or payroll, and they can instead focus their energy on developing their products, selling their services and growing their companies,” Wilder said. “By outsourcing to SmartBooks, they’re able to get a substantially better result from their bookkeeping and accounting function than they could otherwise afford.”

Wilder added that SmartBooks delivers three crucial elements that help small business owners relieve the burden of accounting.

1.) Broad Experience and Expertise

One way SmartBooks supports small businesses is by giving clients easy access to a broad range of skills and experiences.

When asked to elaborate, Wilder said, “Every time we deliver our service, we are pulling from a knowledge base of highly skilled personnel that can offer more experience and expertise than a single person can working solo in an office. Over the past eight years, our 40-person team has worked with hundreds of small businesses like this.”

“This allows us to be a one-stop solution for bookkeeping, tax, accounts reporting, and HR management, meaning that our clients don’t have to go to three or four vendors to get the services they need or try to get by relying on an internal employee who’s unlikely to be expert in all of these areas,” he added.

2.) Scalable and Flexible

Another advantage that SmartBooks possesses is the flexibility to scale the services it provides as a client’s needs change.

“When a business owner comes to us, we help them pick the right solution for their business. They can select as many or as few services depending on their needs at that time, knowing they can always add more services as their needs change” he said. “This ensures our clients are always getting a good value for their spend.”

Wilder added that as a client’s business grows, SmartBooks services also grow to support the client in the future.

When asked to elaborate, Wilder said, “We can support a company’s evolving needs over time. A business might start out needing only basic bookkeeping but then move to full outsourced accounting and custom financial reporting, and add HR services along the way.”

3.) Affordable Fixed Cost Structure

SmartBooks also helps small business owners budget for their accounting function by providing services at a fixed price that’s a fraction of hiring a single similarly skilled employee.

“When you work with SmartBooks, outsourcing your accounting and bookkeeping needs means you’ll only pay a fraction of the cost of full-time staffing costs, even though you’re using an array of highly skilled and experienced people to deliver the end result,” Wilder said.

Wilder added that working with his team means you’ll only ever pay a fixed fee to receive services from SmartBooks.

“We provide a fixed cost after we’ve completed a thorough needs analysis and determined the deliverables for a certain business. The reason we can do this is that the processes, technology and automation tools we use allow us to work more efficiently, resulting in fewer billable hours for a higher level of service.”


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