Smart Measurement Reaches Customers In 25 Countries

SmartMeasurement™ was established in 2002 as a supplier of flow measurement instrumentation. To date the company has built a physical presence in 25 countries with a network of representatives and distributors.

SmartMeasurement is pleased to announce that they are now a supplier of flow measurement instruments in 25 countries around the globe. Since the launch of the company in 2002, they have acquired or partnered with a number of small flow firms. The purpose of this network which has resulted in a one-stop-shop solution for application needs, with various unique technologies available in a single business. The firm makes use of regional manufacturing and quality control operations to ensure customers have localized engineering, service, and installation.

SMC is able to offer choices to customers, among several different flow measurement technologies. Customers can choose the ideal technology for their specific application at the best price. A number of features add up to a significant SMC advantage over competitors. These include a local physical presence, highly qualified local partners, technical infrastructure, reduced transaction time, bias-free analysis of various flow measurement technologies and convenient access to a user-friendly technical library.

Choosing and purchasing the correct industrial flow meters requires highly technical engineering knowledge of the technology, as well as experience in providing economical choices for a given application. Local personnel is needed to navigate through the complex market. Differential pressure flow meters are a major part of the product line offered by SMC. The professionals can help to determine whether the application calls for one of these, or for other products, such as a gas flow meter, thermal flow meter or vortex flow meter.

Other applications will require a liquid flow meter, such as magnetic flow meters, ultrasonic flow meters, variable area flow meters, positive displacement flow meters or turbine flow meters. The SMC team will help customers navigate toward an optimum solution for a specific application. Customers have access to 24/7 assistance from global regional offices or from one of the hundreds of authorized agents located around the world.

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