Smart Balance Wheel Producer Deska Launches New eShop at with 25% Sale

Offering uniquely American innovation at unbeatable pricing, company's self-balancing scooters zoom past competitors, Deska reports

The founders of Deska, a producer and seller of American-innovated smart balance wheels, announced the launch of the company's new online store at In celebration of the event, Deska's popular smart balance wheels will be offered for a full month at discounts of 25%. With inferior Chinese-designed balance wheels flooding the market, Deska offers a superior, American-inspired way to get involved with this fascinating new technology at unbeatable prices.

"We're proud to announce the launch of our brand new website and eCommerce platform," Deska representative Lance M. said, "As the only online retailer to manufacture our own smart balance wheels, we're proud to offer a lot more than our competitors. For a full month, we're going to be slashing prices on our full range of already-hot Deska products. Anyone who is interested in smart balance wheels should stop by soon!"

Hyped before its introduction as a world-changing product, Dean Kamen's Segway PT personal transportation device met with a mixed reception when it was finally unveiled at the end of 2001. Since then, in the estimation of most observers, the Segway has failed to make anything like the impression its boosters had predicted, being simply too bulky and inconvenient for most people to work into their everyday lives.

Even with the Segway languishing in a relatively small niche, though, the underlying technology has marched onward. Doing away with most of the heft of the Segway, products known as smart balance wheels have hit the market in recent years. Compact enough to be carried under a traveler's arm while still affording operating ranges of ten miles or more, such devices have caught the eyes of many an early adopter.

Unfortunately, up until now, experiences with smart balance wheels have often been of mixed sorts that, to some, recall the disappointment associated with the decade-plus-old Segway. Most of the smart balance wheels on the market today are produced by relatively small-scale manufacturers in China, with corners invariably being cut that result in unsatisfactory performance and reliability and even, in some cases, safety issues.

Deska was founded to transform this promising but previously immature market. Putting a team of America's top engineers to the task of designing a smart balance wheel that would outclass all the others, the company's founders resolved to make it an immediate leader in the field.

With the launch of the new Deska online store, that goal has been achieved. Appreciating the American-innovated quality of the product as much as its unbeatable pricing, visitors to the site have already made it one of the busiest and most talked-about sources of all for smart balance wheels.

For a full month, Deska shoppers will also enjoy an unprecedented 25% discount on the full range of the company's attractively priced products. Given that Deska's enthusiastically received self-balancing scooters already provide an industry-leading mix of performance, quality, and low pricing, this is a truly special opportunity for anyone interested in smart balance wheels.

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Beating the competition in every possible way, Deska manufactures and sells the best-reviewed smart balance wheels on the market, combining cutting-edge American technology and quality with unbeatable pricing.

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