Presents Tips to Reduce the Stress Associated with Moving

These tips help to turn what many consider to be a negative experience into a positive one, Small Moving Inc. reports

Small Moving Inc. ( understands moving to a new home or city comes with a great deal of stress. However, this experience should be a positive one instead of a life event that is viewed negatively. To ensure this is exactly what their clients experience, the company offers tips to make the process easier.

"First and foremost, purge those items that are no longer needed. Don't move them to a new location where they will take up valuable space. Make three piles of items, one for items to sell, one for items to throw away and a third for items to donate. Once this process is done, you'll find you can breathe a sigh of relief as you have fewer items to deal with during the relocation," H Rob Bell, spokesperson for Small Moving Inc. (, announces.

Plan ahead, as this helps to reduce the stress associated with a move. By planning, individuals find they have fewer last minute surprises. Furthermore, they can focus on what must be done in the designated time frame, as opposed to rushing around trying to rectify any problems associated with those items they forgot.

"Although one cannot plan for everything, it never hurts to be prepared. For example, when a move is anticipated, begin collecting boxes early and often. This ensures there is no need to rush out at the last minute to get more," Bell continues.

Call on friends and family to help, as the more people helping with a move, the less stress there will be. Not only can these friends and family help pack, they make the process more pleasant simply by being there. Additionally, when the move will take a person away from their loved ones, they'll appreciate the extra time they have with these individuals.

"Now is not the time to isolate yourself from others. Ask that they help. Most will be willing to do so, Don't hesitate to hire help also. Although this may seem like an added expense when money may already be tight, it truly does help to reduce the stress associated with relocating," Bell continues.

Make time to meet the new neighbors and find people with similar interests. This is more important when the relocation takes the individual or family to a new city or state. While it may seem imperative to unpack as soon as possible, take a few hours to engage with others. Doing so helps to make the process less stressful.

"Don't become overwhelmed by a move. By taking these simple steps, anyone can reduce the stress often seen with a transition of this type. Now is the time to embrace the new while letting go of the old. When you do so, you'll find you feel much better about this process and all it entails," Bell declares.

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