Small Hot Tubs for Sale Portland, Used Spas, Dealer Publishes Fitness Tips

Oregon Hot Tub, a 5-store hot tub, swim spa and sauna dealer in Portland Oregon publishes health and fitness tips to help promote National Physical Fitness and Sports Month.

“Getting fit is as much about feeling better and living life more fully as it is about weight and medical issues,” said Sue Rogers, CEO of Oregon Hot Tub. “When people take the time to make even small lifestyle changes to live healthier, they often find themselves getting more and more involved and taking bigger steps to live better,” continued Rogers. Here are three simple steps to feel better and get fit that will give anyone at any starting point a jump off place to a healthier life.

Drink More Water – People are often looking for the magic pill or powder that will help them lose weight faster, feel better, and be healthier. The answers aren't in chemicals or even herbs. In fact, the one magic solution to a better life is to ditch all of the soft drinks, caffeinated drinks, and alcohol and drink more water. Water has everything the body needs for real thirst quenching. Beyond simply solving thirst, water is an important element in every person's body components right down to the cellular level.

Get Support – Nobody likes to do things alone, and making lifestyle changes can feel very lonely without support. Talk to family and friends. Be open about the changes and ask for support. There are professional resources that everyone can take advantage of as well. Find community center programs for exercise, or emotional support, talk to a physician about better ways to live healthier, or get a nutritionist to help figure out how to make changes at home that will lead to better eating habits. Online communities are a great source of camaraderie and support as well. Talking to other people from all walks of life and locations who are dealing with the same issues, makes dealing with the little struggles involved in changing the way one lives much easier.

Hot Water Therapy Treatments for Physical and Emotional Health – A hot tub is a great example of things that can be added to the home that will have many benefits for all who live there. Hot tubs have had a lot of research done on them, and their physical benefits as well as mental benefits. New research is coming to light all the time. The National Aquatics & Sports Medicine Institute has shown that immersion in water of 102 degrees Fahrenheit has an influence on the nervous system, and causes a sense of peacefulness and inner calmness. These attributes are helpful for anyone with high blood pressure or other stress-related conditions, but they are equally helpful simply for getting rid of the day's stress from work or school.

“To show local residents the advantages of owning their own hot tub, swim spa or sauna, Oregon Hot Tub will be providing free hot tub and swim spa test soaks for the entire month. We do recommend however that people wanting to schedule their free 30-minute wet test call us ahead of time to reserve their spot,” said Sue.

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Oregon Hot Tub is Oregon's largest and most established hot tub company—the #1 selling hot tub company in Portland since 1979. Only the most innovative and best-in-market products are featured at the company's five convenient locations. Oregon Hot Tub carries the #1 selling portable hot tub in the world, Hot Spring? Spas. Hot Spring Spas are manufactured by Watkins Manufacturing Corporation, a division of Masco Corp (NYSE: MAS) a Fortune 500 company.

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