Small Business Web Design Provider Mallee Blue Media Says There’s Opportunity For Business To Expand Their Presence Online

NSW-based web design firm offers a positive outlook for small businesses needing to expand their market presence. For new business owners coming online is a critical part of the branding.

Mallee Blue Media and David Trounce are pleased to announce that there is still plenty of room on the World Wide Web for businesses which are just starting out. The small business web design founder points out that there has been a 200% growth in new small business web design clients. As one of Australia’s top small business web designers, Trounce believes there is still plenty of room for new competition online.

“If you have been online for 10 years or more, you might have begun to suspect that there is no longer room for growth among small businesses," says David Trounce, the founder of the web design agency, Mallee Blue Media, "but that is clearly not the case."

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While it is true that the competition is tough, new business is coming online every day in Australia and elsewhere and, with that growth in business, web designers are seeing equally good growth in the demand for mobile-first and responsive web design.

“For those just starting out, whether it is a bricks-and-mortar business or a new online venture, coming online with your own website has become essential”, says David. “On top of that, many businesses that have relied on social media and other third-party platforms, have come to realise that these platforms are not as secure as they once were.”

"Third-party platforms come and go and your account could be shut down overnight," says David. "This makes investing in your own website all the more critical. A brand built on a third-party platform can be shredded overnight, but by investing in your own site, designed and managed, you can avoid at least some of that risk."

Earlier this year, there was a good example of this risk with the closure of Google Plus. There have also been increasing reports of Facebook, at least in theory, proactively shutting down business pages on its platform. These kinds of risks appear to be on the rise and may account for the uptake of new web design clients that web designers like Mallee Blue Media have been able to acquire.

Web design agencies with a good track record of quality web design for small business should be looking to develop long term relationships with their clients. Building a new site is not only profitable for small business, but mitigates much of the risk associated with doing business online.

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