Small Business at Heart & Soul of UK Economy: Entrepreneur Reviews Mission

Philip Jepson, a UK business owner and entrepreneur, is on a mission to acquire profitable, small businesses that are facing succession problems. Through these acquisitions, he aims to build a family of strong and independent companies.

Philip Jepson, of UK Business Capital Partners Ltd., is on a mission to deal with the succession problem faced by many small businesses. Jepson explained, “Small businesses are the heart and soul of the economy. In the UK, they account for 60% of private-sector employment and 52% of private-sector GDP. Many are strong and profitable, but they face a succession problem because there is no one in the owner’s family or the workforce who wants to take the business on when the owner wants to retire. In the UK, there are 245,000 businesses that are £1m to £10m revenue and one-quarter of those are owned by people over 55.”

In November 2019, Jepson attended Mega Success in Los Angeles, California, where he was able to share his mission with 2,500 fellow entrepreneurs. During this event, Jepson asked for three kinds of people to reach out to him:

 Those interested in joining Jepson to build a platform to buy small businesses and to respect and build on their legacies.

Those who own businesses and may be thinking of selling, or who know others who might be in that position.

Those who see this area as an interesting one to invest in, who do not want to do the work but want to place their money in businesses and get an attractive return.

For Jepson, Mega Success was a launchpad, and his incredibly well-received presentation has opened doors to conversations with potential collaborators and investors from around the world. “Buying businesses, preserving and building on their legacies is a mission for me and being able to share a stage at Mega Success with billionaires, business leaders and Hollywood stars to talk about my mission was an incredible experience, which is giving me opportunities to fulfill my mission in ways I hadn’t imagined,” commented Jepson on his experience.

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