SKN Electronics Launches Surface Mount Assembly Production Lines

New surface mount assembly production lines improve overall quality of PCBs.

Surface mount PCB assembly offers many benefits over through-hole techniques used in the past. Smaller components may be used, making for a high component density, while the initial cost and production set up time decrease. These are just a few of the benefits offered when this technique is used. "Companies making the move to surface mount assembly need to ensure they find Pcb assembly specialists such as those at SKN Electronics," John Hennessy, media contact for the company, declares.

SKN Electronics, the surface mount assembly manufacturers, makes use of upward looking camera systems which allow the placement of TQFQ, BGA and PLCC devices with ease. Thanks to two fully integrated production lines, 40 million components are placed each month. The ESD environment remains totally controlled and monitored at all times so components can be placed, using either a paste or glue technique, on single or double-sided printed circuit boards. Fine tuning of initial assemblies takes place during the reflow process with predictive software being used to individually modify the assemblies to guarantee joint integrity and maximum yields.

SKN Electronics maintains a policy of providing goods and services fit for the intended purpose while conforming to the quality requirements of customers. "Here at SKN Electronics, every employee remains responsible for quality improvement to ensure this policy is met and a quality management system has been put into place for this purpose. Company goals include to be world class in all business areas, to achieve ISO 14001 Standard, to operate an exhibition standard policy to all work completed and to reduce process defects to zero," Mr. Hennessy explains.

SKN Electronics has product experience in audio mixing equipment, lighting and control, traffic management, medical equipment and more. They assist companies with supply chain management, operating process mapping, full turnkey service and full procurement service methods along with others. "SKN works with suppliers when procuring components to minimise inventory and material costs. Scheduling arrangements are made which provide the right degree of flexibility for material feed-in," Mr. Hennessy continues.

To complement the surface mount production services, SKN Electronics offers auto insertion, conformal coating, ATE test, unit build and peripheral and hand assembly services. "The goal of SKN Electronics is to provide customers with what they need at any given time. Thanks to the production equipment and production methods used, reaching this goal has never been easier," Mr. Hennessy states.

About SKN Electronics
SKN Electronics specializes in surface mount Pcb assembly in all industry sectors. Established in 1986, SKN Electronics uses the latest production methods and state of the art production equipment to guarantee customer satisfaction. This rapidly growing and successful contract electronics manufacturer offers high and medium volume manufacturing, surface mount and conventional pcb assembly, procurement and supply chain management, complete product assembly and more. The company manufactures high quality, reliable products, using the latest lean principles, while forming long term relationships with clients and suppliers.

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