Skip Bin Hire Costs Rising in Brisbane

Skip bin hire costs are on the rise in Queensland's capital! Everywhere must prepare for the consequences of these climbing prices which could take a toll on their wallets. Businesses, professional service providers and households can all be affected by rising bin hire costs

2022 has already been an impressive year for the waste management industry as companies in the space continue to feel the extended impacts of the coronavirus pandemic and the need for individuals and corporations to move and optimize their waste management efforts.  

So, it should come as no surprise that the cost of skip bin hire services has started to rise once more.  

A Result of Switching Market Dynamics 

Regardless of where you look around Australia, the costs of skip bin hire services have continued to rise. This is especially true for commercial skip bin hire services - many of which have been in significant demand over the past year or two.  

Of course, there is much more to this that you might know. And as the global economy and different markets continue to change, so has the skip bin hire service industry in Australia. While there have been different factors that can easily be attributed to this increase, perhaps the most prominent would be the sharp increase in operating expenses for most companies in this market.  

Depending on the site of waste origination, hire service prices easily surged from 2021 to 2022, especially for metro premises. In the past, several states have moved their waste to Victoria, with many of them looking to capitalize on lower disposal rates. However, 2022 has seen a significant increase in landfill levies that have in turn raised the price of interstate transport.   

The Changes in Landfill Levies  

Landfill levies are a critical factor in determining the cost of waste disposal. And over the years, these levies have continued to increase across Australia. These increases have made it more expensive for waste disposal companies to operate. And as expected, many of these companies have passed on the costs to their customers.  

In 2021 alone, the landfill levy in Victoria surged by 40% for some categories of waste. Victoria had hitherto been one of the cheapest places in Australia to dump waste, with its waste levy being one of the lowest in the country. However, this led to many companies dumping their industrial waste in the country, eventually cursing a surge in improper waste disposal.  

The government eventually stepped in, capping waste disposal rates and increasing disposal costs to improve the resource recovery rate in Victoria. This change is primarily geared towards improving recycling rates and encouraging sustainable waste disposal in the region. Sadly, it also means that skip bin hire companies now have to pay more to dispose of their non-recyclable waste.  

Sustainable waste disposal is undoubtedly better for the world and the environment. However, it also comes with an increased expense rate in terms of costs, time, and effort.  

Speaking on the recent change, Blane Mitchell, the founder of Pro Skip Bins Brisbane, explained:  

“We have noticed a significant surge in skip bin hire costs, and this is a direct response to the current market dynamics. As a waste disposal company, we are fully committed to an eco-friendly future and optimizing our processes to be better for the environment. Sadly, as things stand, this commitment also means that we need to find ways to be more financially efficient. And although we did not want it to be so, we have had to raise the prices of some of our services.  

A Look at The Future 

While costs are on the rise at the moment, Mitchell doesn’t see this trend as lasting so long. As he explained, the current market dynamics have necessitated a sharp rise in costs. However, as more companies switch their operations to accommodate these price swings, he believes that there is a possibility for prices to come down.  

Mitchell has also continued to drum up the fact that company operations remain eco-friendly. As he believes, the temporary rise in costs is a fair price to pay in the mission to ensure a more sustainable environment for everyone.  

About Pro Skip Bins Brisbane  

Pro Skip Bins Brisbane is one of the foremost and most renowned providers of skip bin hire services in all of Brisbane, Queensland. 

The company has a wealth of experience that easily spans decades, and it is committed to helping both individuals and companies with removing their waste in the most efficient and eco-friendly manner. Its services have helped it to cover most of the Brisbane area, with customers from all walks of life praising it for its affordable and reliable waste removal services.

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