Sketchy Ape Book Club Launches New and Unique NFT Art Collection

Sketchy Ape Book Club is an emerging NFT project. Owners of the Sketchy Ape Book Club (SABC) NFT will join in creating the Sketchy Ape Book Club story by writing in passages exclusive to NFT holders.

Sketchy Ape Book Club has embarked on its journey in the NFT space due to the rapid adoption of unique digital art. Sketchy Ape Book Club is one of the emerging NFT projects in the industry that offers unique utility to its valuable investors.

Sketchy Ape Book Club has announced the launch of a new and unique NFT art collection that will see holders join in creating an NFT book club story. The Sketchy Ape Book Club NFT is a one-of-a-kind collection of 10,000 hand-drawn images launched on the Ethereum Blockchain.

According to Sketchy Ape Book Club, each trait was hand-drawn, meticulously crafted, and then scanned into the computer to be generated by an algorithm to create unique art pieces.
"The Sketchy Ape Book Club NFT Collection symbolises merging the physical world and the digital. Each ape was hand-drawn in separate layers to auto-generate 10,000 unique and very special apes."

In addition to the NFT art collection, the developers of Sketchy Ape Book Club have also revealed that it would be launching the world's first collaborative NFT novel. The Sketchy Ape Book Club will be exclusive to holders of the Sketchy Ape Book Club NFT and allow each owner to write a passage in the NFT novel to become part of the history of Sketchy Ape Book Club.

Moreover, the company will also introduce further utility to the collection that gives holders a reason to value this collection for a decade at least. Sketchy Pages (SPS) is a unique ERC721 token that can be claimed if someone owns three or more SABC NFTs. These Sketchy Pages serve as a utility for the Sketchy Ape Book Club NFT project; they are dynamic and can hold a message. The owner of a page can change the message anytime.

Owning one of these pages gives the owner access to participate in the original art auction of the Sketchy Ape Book Club Collection. Sketchy Ape Book Club will launch the presale event on the 14th of December, and the main launch will start on the 20th of December. Join the lucky members of its Discord community to receive unique offers once the minting begins.

About Sketchy Book Ape Club: It is a unique art collection of 10,000 NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain. Determined crypto-enthusiasts and intending users must visit website or Twitter to acquire further information and connect.

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