Simply Spotless Promotes Cleaning Products As Part Of An Eco-Friendly Lifestyle

The Simply Spotless line of eco-friendly household cleaners are gentle, effective, and safe, reports

Studies show that Americans are increasingly concerned about a wide range of environmental issues, from global warming to the scarcity of clean drinking water to contamination of soil and water by toxic chemicals. Consequently, many people are seeking to live a more environmentally friendly lifestyle that will not only decrease their carbon footprint but also help them live a healthier lifestyle. To support these efforts, Simply Spotless is promoting eco-friendly cleaning products as a key part of a healthy, low-impact lifestyle, according to company owner Meryl Santopietro.

Said Santopietro, "Lots of brands use words like 'green,' 'all-natural,' and 'eco-friendly,' but in many cases, these words are misleading because they don't relate to actual standards. In developing our Simply Spotless products, we worked closely with chemists who formulated our cleaning liquids according to EPA standards." In fact, the brand has been awarded the EPA's "Design for the Environment" designation, a program that began in the early 1990s as a non-regulatory initiative to promote the development of safer commercial products.

"We use only natural, safe ingredients in our cleaning liquids," said Santopietro. "We make sure that these natural cleaning products are not only safe for the furniture, carpet, fabrics, and other surfaces they're designed to protect, but they're also safe for homeowners and their family members and pets."

The Simply Spotless line includes cleaning solutions for wood, carpet and upholstery, fabric, dishes, glass and surfaces, and grout. According to Santopietro, these cleaners are guaranteed to leave no residue, and they're also free of any strong scent. The company also offers a gentle hand cleaner that moisturizes the skin. All Simply Spotless products are simply and artfully packaged to be displayed as part of a room's interior design.

Santopietro and her daughter run a family-owned interior design business known as Santopietro Interiors. They developed the Simply Spotless line in order to help clients protect the beautiful surfaces and fabrics that make up their home decor. They wanted to create products that could provide professional-quality cleaning but without any of the drawbacks of many commercial products, whose harsh chemicals are dangerous to users and dangerous to the environment when they seep into the soil and groundwater.

"We are pleased to support our customers who are choosing to live a more eco-friendly lifestyle," concluded Santopietro. "Simply Spotless offers luxury home care products that look good, smell good, and work effectively." Customers can learn more about the products and order them online at

About Simply Spotless New York

Simply Spotless cleaning products were created by Santopietro Interiors, a family-owned interior design business, in collaboration with skilled chemists. The products are made with naturally derived ingredients and meet the highest standards set by the Environmental Protection Agency, who awarded Simply Spotless their "Design for the Environment" designation. The environmentally conscious and uniquely packaged cleaning products are designed to be displayed openly on countertops, and they produce professional-quality cleaning results.

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