Simple Teaching Method Reveals How Total Beginners Can Start a Blog in 30 Minutes

Thanks to a simple teaching model, coined the LTM Method, anyone can now start a blog in 30 minutes or less. Business owners and even total beginners can establish their own professional web presence using this simple step by step guide.

For many small businesses a website is something that is both too expensive to run and too hard to manage. Unfortunately, having no website in today's marketplace also means a loss of income and market share.

Thanks to a new Australian website, business owners can now start a new blog in 30 minutes or less. The best part is that is can be done on a tiny budget.

"If you keep the costs down and keep it simple, you can still have a powerful web presence and compete with the best online" says Rasmussen, co-founder of Learn How To Blog Australia.

Rasmussen developed a teaching model that he calls "The LTM Method" or the Layman's Terms Methodology.

"If you keep things simple, in layman's terms, everyone will understand and anyone can do it", explains Rasmussen

Over the past 10 years, Rasmussen has taught 1000's of people online about the power of blogs and their simplicity to operate. He uses videos, image tutorials, and text, to fully engage people's learning senses.

There are only 3 steps to start a blog:
1. Decide on a domain name.
2. Arrange hosting.
3. Build the blog.

"Everyone should know how to start a blog. In 2003 I was in debt, yet I was able to build a brand new online business thanks to blogging. It enabled me to complete with the big boys in business", Rasmussen says.

"What I really like about blogs is that they integrate so well with social media sites and that assists the search engine listings. It is actually getting easier for normal businesses to get their brands onto the first page of Google".

"I started this new site for beginners to learn how to start a blog. Before too long I was receiving hundreds of comments from happy people on the blog, Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus", says Rasmussen.

Thanks to the affordability of blogs, people can now get established online and be in control of their expenses. Suddenly a website for a business can be run for an entire year for around $100 in expenses rather than 1000's of dollars paid out to web designers and IT professionals.

All the articles, videos and tutorials on the website are 100% free for everyone to use.

About Sean Rasmussen:
Sean Rasmussen became a full time blogger after learning internet marketing part time for 2 years. Giving away his day job in 2005, he started to sell products online and by 2008 was educating people and business on improving their online presence. In 2009 he started developing the LTM Teaching Method and has since established himself firmly as an online educator. To learn how to start a blog, please visit:

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