Simple Press Release Reveals Insider Secrets To Effectively Dominate Markets

Simple Press Release unveil secrets to help get messages at the top of search engines by leveraging the power of internet search and news.

Simple Press Release was released recently that shows insider secrets that help make a business an authority in the local marketplace and drive more traffic to the company’s message. A know a lot of people say that things are often a limited time offer but this really is a limited time offer so the market does not get saturated. The video below goes over the benefits on how to dominate local markets, have a competitive advantage, and drive more traffic in addition to getting an unfair advantage as most people are not taking advantage of this marketing asset. There is a simple fact that most people doing Press Releases outside of the big companies are not doing it right and Simple Press Releases provides best practices to get a company’s message seen by the masses.

Press Releases help businesses reduce advertising cost when: starting a new business or venture, with sports updates, updating a menu, getting new beauty products at the salon, want to tell the local market that there is new management, adding treats to an animal bakery, wanting to gain exposure for an award the company or an employee may have won, adding portrait photography to photography services, or have a charity event coming up. There are hundreds if not thousands of ways to leverage the aged old proven power of Press Releases. Press Releases allow a message to be spread online sometimes less than 30 minutes from publishing where the message can be picked up on Google News or whichever search engine of choice’s news feed drawing attention to the message which leads to:

- More sales
- Increased traffic to digital assets
- More exposure
- A better ROI then traditional advertising
- Higher site ranking in the search engines

The big brands like Coca-Cola, Apple, Target, etc. are using Press Releases to leverage the secrets of the pro underground marketers that are quietly making money.

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