Simple Grow Worm Castings Approved as USDA Organic Input Material

Bulk Worm Castings available for farming, natural and organic gardening needs

Simple Grow is excited to announce its approval as a USDA certified organic input material for its pure worm castings product. This all-natural soil supplement is a great addition to any farm, nursery, vineyard or garden. This certification means that the worm castings can be used in the growth of USDA certified organic plants, which makes it an ideal product for organic farms. Worm castings are great for so many reasons including: high microbial life, numerous trace elements, soil aeration, water management, and natural pest-resistance.

Worm castings are an extremely versatile soil supplement, which can be applied via bulk spreaders, mixing in with the soil, pouring in planting rows, as well as in a liquid format. Worm castings are found to be high in macro and micro-nutrients that are vital to plant growth. The worms break down these beneficial materials leaving them in ready to absorb forms that plant roots can absorb easily and quickly. These benefits create an environment where plants grow healthy and quick. Many chemical fertilizers may seem appealing for growth because of high nitrogen content, but they often come with negative benefits as well. For example, excess ammonia left behind, depleting the soil of nutrients, and leaching out into waterways. They can also contribute to algae blooms and if used too heavily can actually kill plants.

Simple Grow offers bulk worm casting orders online. Bulk customers can order 1-ton sacks of castings directly from their website or get a custom quote. Some bulk customers prefer to apply the worm castings in a liquid form, which is called “worm castings tea.” Besides the castings themselves, customers can also buy industrial worm tea brewing kits on the site. These make it possible to brew large batches of the liquid, which can easily be sprayed on fields, crops and gardens.

Worm castings are the most powerful and potent organic soil supplement available on the market today. They can increase plant yield, prevent diseases, and shorten the growing cycle. As organic farms, cannabis growers and other agricultural operations search for the best soil supplement, many come to the conclusion that earthworm castings are the ideal solution. If you’d like to see how worm castings could work for your farm, greenhouse, nursery, or vineyard, contact Simple Grow today.

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