Simoni Law Firm Reports Pet Custody May Be Decided as Part of a Divorce Agreement

Pets have a special subjective value and the courts recognize this when establishing a divorce agreement, reports

Divorce tends to bring out the worst in people, yet it may simply be exposing what the spouses already know. The Ashley Madison scandal shows this clearly. Couples find they can no longer ignore issues in the marriage, as they have now been brought to the attention of other people. Although many expect marriage counselors to see an increase in business following the hacking of this popular website, divorce lawyers will also witness a boost in clients. A south jersey lawyer is needed during this difficult time, and Simoni Law is prepared to help.

"Care must be taken in a divorce, to ensure all parties are treated fairly. Couples often fight over matters such as alimony, child support and property division, yet many other issues may need to be addressed during the proceedings. For example, a beloved family pet may become a source of contention between partners and lead to extensive delays as custody of the animal is decided," Lou Simoni, founder of the Simoni Law Office, explains.

New Jersey considers a pet to be property, similar to household belongings or real estate. Sadly, the partners feel differently, as this pet is a member of their family, one that cannot be replaced. Intense emotions tend to be on display during this time and animals may serve as a bargaining chip during the process. Thankfully, the state of New Jersey recognizes that pets have special subjective value during this process, thus the courts work to find a pet custody agreement using a manner similar to that used for child custody issues.

"A 2009 Appellate Decision led to this change in New Jersey Law. Factors considered when determining pet custody include who primarily cared for the animal, taking it to the vet, feeding it and walking it, among other things. In cases where matters of child and pet custody are involved, the court tends to set a custody schedule that coordinates with the custody schedule of the child or children," Simoni continues.

A divorce attorney needs to remain focused on the best interests of his or her client at all times, even in matters of pet custody. As these matters can be quite complex and difficult, an individual should never try to handle a divorce on their own. An attorney works to ensure all agreements meet legal requirements, so problems don't arise in the future.

"Simoni Law Office serves as more than a divorce attorney. Individuals in need of a bankruptcy lawyer or those requiring advice on real estate matters or estate planning call on us to be of assistance. We work with each client to find the solution that is right for their needs, as each case is unique. The resolution of the issue must be unique also for this reason," Simoni declares.

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