Silverstone Insurance Announces Group Insurance Plans for Canadian Companies

Insurance is the start of a good corporate or personal financial strategy, reports Silverstone Insurance

Silverstone Insurance, Inc. today announced the availability of group insurance plans and other solutions geared towards meeting employees' insurance needs. It also offers plans that offer specific benefits to individuals as well as other financial instruments.

"We offer many options to employers looking to cover all of their workers," said Cameron Marcus of Silverstone Insurance. "Our consultants work with companies so that each one will get the best package for their number and type of employees. We also offer consulting on related issues, such as key person insurance, executive benefits plans, cost containment strategies, employee benefits plans, and more. By providing these services, we hope to offer far more than just insurance. We want to be valuable advisers for our clients and their companies."

In many cases, companies first find insurance companies when they need to meet mandates to provide coverage to employees or when they decide to look into better employee benefit solutions in order to improve their desirability in the eyes of job seekers. Those who are above entry level often take a good look at a company's benefits package before applying, and in industries where competition for labor is strong, an improved benefits package can be the key factor in obtaining necessary staffers. This is true all the way up to the executive level, where robust benefits packages are the norm.

It is common for people to want extra coverage that goes above what an employer provides, so some insurers offer specific plans to meet these needs. Silverstone Insurance, for example, offers a disability insurance plan that kicks in if the policy holder becomes unable to work. The plans typically provide the wage that would normally have been earned, but other options are available. For those who run their own companies, there are also business continuity plans on offer. These help prevent the loss of the business in case of the owner's disability or death.

"Many people who are interested in group coverage or income loss plans are also in a position to need financial instruments meant to make everyday expenditures less expensive," Marcus added. "Therefore, we offer a program called Infinite Banking Concepts. This offers ways to recover mortgage and other interest and do other unique things with money - all on a tax-free basis. Since everyone's financial situation is different, we set up a consultation with interested clients so that we can see exactly what can be done. In most cases, we can turn at least some of a customer's normal financial liabilities into positives."

About Silverstone Insurance

Silverstone Insurance was founded by Cameron Marcus, an expert in Canadian insurance. He provides advice on investment, estate planning, business operations, and more along with insurance policies and coverage advice. The company's vice president, Eric Roy, shares that focus and adds the view that the standard strategies aren't always the best. Together, they work to find solutions that are effective for each client rather than using cookie-cutter plans.

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