Siletz Indian Nation Chooses EZZ-KLEAN Device to Clean Storm System

The Siletz Indian Nation chose the EZZ-KLEAN System manufactured by the EZZ-KLEAN company of Medford, Oregon to provide the device to clean the reservation’s storm water drains.

The Siletz Indian Nation investigated ongoing drainage problems and decided to install a device to clean their storm water drainage system. The EZZ-KLEAN device was installed to clean the catch basin to allow easier drainage of storm water. This device eliminates most of the problems associated with regulatory compliance in cleaning sludge, rocks, sticks and even bones. All have been known to wreak havoc on pump impellers causing extensive damage and requiring investment in more man hours. The device was recommended by The Dyer Partnership of Coos Bay, Oregon, and was fitted into the concrete vault that was manufactured by Oldcastle in Wilsonville, Oregon. According to Eric Douglas, the Project Manager at Clackamas Construction who oversaw the storm water drainage project, the EZZ-KLEAN device was easy to install and appropriate for the purpose of periodic removal of debris.

Taylor Pump Stations has invented an easier way to clean and maintain pump stations, wet well, vaults, digester sump or just about any container for liquid waste as can be seen with the Siletz Nation’s using EZZ-KLEAN for their storm water drains. The EZZ-Klean Device is a wide mouth suction head made from HDPE plastics and was created for the ease in cleaning sanitary and storm water vaults. This product was issued a U.S. patent and was designed to save time and money by increasing safety and longevity of wet well equipment. The design of the EZZ Klean Device is perfect for storm water drainage even though that may not have been what was intended when it was designed. The wide mouth and long tube offer maneuverability while maintain a safe distance from potentially hazardous waste water.

About the Siletz Indian Nation:
The Confederated Tribes of Siletz is a federally recognized confederation of 27 bands, originating from Northern California to Southern Washington. Termination was imposed upon the Siletz by the United States government in 1955. In November of 1977, the Siletz were the first tribe in the state of Oregon and second in the United States to be fully restored to federal recognition. Today, the Siletz occupies and manages a 3,666 acre reservation located in Lincoln County, Oregon. Retrieved July 11, 2013, from

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