Sidhu Personal Injury Lawyers Edmonton Reports on Americans' Rights in Canada

Every American visiting the country must know their rights if injured, what they are entitled to in compensation, and how to contact a personal injury lawyer, reports

Countless Americans visiting Canada each year sustain an injury because of an accident. They do so through no fault of their own, as they are in a motor vehicle accident or an accident of another type. Although the country maintains statistics on the number of injuries, this figure only includes those that are reported to the proper authorities or those involving a lawsuit. Many people never take this step.

“Americans visiting Canada might assume they have limited rights when they are in a Motor Vehicle Accident or accident of another nature while they are in the country. However, a person has legal recourse in this situation. They need to speak with an acclaimed Injury Lawyer to learn what their rights are, how to pursue a claim, what compensation they may receive, and more. Never assume you won’t receive compensation for your injuries. Our team can be of help in getting the justice you deserve in this situation,” Shawn Sidhu, the founder and senior partner of Sidhu Personal Injury Lawyers Edmonton, explains.

Motor vehicle accidents often lead to major and long-term injuries. A person might suffer from a traumatic brain injury, damage to the spinal cord, broken bones, muscle injuries, and more. Furthermore, researchers are now learning that these accidents result in major psychological complications even when their physical injuries are minor.

For example, a person might find they can no longer travel in a vehicle without suffering severe anxiety. Help is available for this, and victims must know where to turn to receive compensation for the treatment they must undergo because of the accident.

“The Canadian court system and laws differ from those in the United States in several ways. For instance, an American might not understand what the legal system means when it speaks of the Survival of Actions Act, as they aren’t familiar with Canadian law. This is where a Personal Injury Lawyer Edmonton becomes of great help. Furthermore, individuals may not know they can choose to have their trial in either English or French, as the country has two official languages. The Charter of Rights and Freedoms protects the rights of individuals using the legal system,” Sidhu continues.

Tourists find there are many benefits associated with using a Car Accident Lawyer in Canada. They ensure the client meets all deadlines, gets fair compensation, and more. The victim of a personal injury deserves justice, and the attorney works to see that they get it.

“Accidents may happen anywhere and at any time. Men and women need to know what steps to take if they are in an accident and who to contact for help. Always contact the proper authorities and seek medical attention. Once you have taken those steps, contact our office. Our attorneys will work to protect your rights, as you focus on recovering from the injuries you sustained,” Sidhu declares.

About Sidhu Personal Injury Lawyers Edmonton:

Sidhu lawyers handle personal injury lawsuits in Edmonton exclusively. The firm strives to provide clients with the most professional and relentless approach to all their personal injury matters. The dedicated and hardworking team of lawyers, paralegals, administrators, and support staff work tirelessly to ensure clients are provided the highest level of service with the utmost diligence, compassion, and care.

When someone has been involved in any situation that has led to an injury, they should not hesitate. The legal team is available every day of the week. They are just one call away and can schedule a free initial case review to answer any questions and address any concerns. The ultimate goal is to educate clients about all their legal options. Whether they ultimately become a client or choose not to, the goal is always to develop positive relationships with everyone in the community.

The team at Sidhu Lawyers has a diverse set of individuals with various skill sets working as a team, ensuring clients get the best results possible. With decades of combined experience and numerous multi-million dollar cases won, the attorneys can apply their winning formula to any injury claim. Sidhu lawyers’ diverse backgrounds, skill sets, and knowledge ensure clients consistently get access to the legal counsel that will provide them the support they need, every time.

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