Shree Shreepati International Announces Worldwide Freelance Handwriting Work

With freelance workers can now receive payment in just five days after handwriting engineering and medical notes for professionals

The freelance writing world is large. In fact, this category of workers makes up more than 35 percent of the world’s population. While freelance writing is more popular in some countries, than others, there are people throughout the world regularly engaging in this activity.

In an effort to bring more freelance writing opportunities to these hard workers, Shree Shreepati International is now offering Freelance handwriting work to those who qualify.

“With our company, the idea is simple,” stated company representative Prshant Singh. “You receive notes in the mail, write them by hand, and then return them. You will receive payment for your work within five days – there is no work from home job available that is easier or that will pay as well as what we are offering.This work is provided worldwide. After being successful in India, the Company is expanding its venture from domestic to worldwide. ”

Currently, the company is paying 150 Rs per A4 size paper, with one side being counted as a page. The more a freelance writer is able to do, the more they can make with the company. What many freelancers find appealing about this position, is the ability to Write notes and earn on their own schedule, before or after other jobs or even after kids go to bed for the night.

“We have unlimited assignments for our freelance writers each month,” stated Singh. “This means that you can make as much as you want. You don’t have any limit to the assignments you take and as long as work is turned in on time, you can receive more.”

Currently, the company is writing notes provided by medical staff and engineers but hopes to expand into other industries in the future. Additional information about this freelance opportunity is available on the website.


The company, Shree Shreepati International, is registered with the government and is located in Ahmedabad. It provides freelancing opportunities to writers throughout India who want to earn full or part-time income. Those interested can access the registration number for the company, as well as the application form for work online. Anyone with legible handwriting is a candidate for the position and once accepted, can receive as much or as little work as desired. Once complete, workers can expect to receive payment for their work within five days, pending client approval. Dedicated to providing superior client experiences, this company offers highly qualified writers who also want to make money.

Contact Info:
Name: Prshant Singh
Email: Send Email
Organization: Shree Shreepati International
Address: Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India
Phone: 918154916362

Release ID: 254781