Shortest Construction Period - PKU PIONEER's 25,000Nm3/h VPSA Oxygen Plant Put into Operation Ahead of Schedule

In the preliminary procurement stage, the project team of PKU Pioneer followed up the production progress of the oxygen plant’s materials and components on a daily basis and reported to the top managers every week.

Beijing, China - Up to June 2021, as an important part of the special steel project in Tai'an, the VPSA (Vacuum Pressure Swing Adsorption) oxygen plant (25,000Nm3/h 80%) built by PKU Pioneer for the No.4 and No.5 blast furnaces of Shiheng Special Steel Group Co., Ltd. (Shiheng Special Steel) has been operating continuously and uninterruptedly for more than 6 months.

The original cryogenic liquid oxygen equipment (30,000Nm3/h) of Shiheng Special Steel was unable to meet the oxygen needs with the expansion of its production scale. In order to improve the utilization coefficient of the blast furnace, thereby further increasing the output and cut the production cost of blast furnace iron making, Shiheng Special Steel, after fully considering the shortage of oxygen supply, decided to build a new 25,000/80 VPSA oxygen generating unit (20,000Nm3/h of pure oxygen) for oxygen enrichment before the blast furnace blower to balance the oxygen supply, i.e., to meet the oxygen demand at this stage after increasing the steel production capacity and to achieve higher steel production and energy efficiency.

In this project, the VPSA oxygen system, as a part of the Tai'an special steel project, was started to construct later when some other key sections in the same period were nearing completion. In order to meet the oxygen needs of steel production, Shiheng Special Steel requires the VPSA-O2 gas plant to be put into operation in advance, further shortening the originally tense construction duration. After receiving the customer's request, PKU Pioneer immediately set up a project team with clarified labor division and refined management to carry out the project implementation, and took a number of measures to seize the time and catch up with the construction schedule.

In the preliminary procurement stage, the project team of PKU Pioneer followed up the production progress of the oxygen plant’s materials and components on a daily basis and reported to the top managers every week. In the middle stage, the installation methods were flexibly adjusted based on the practical construction situation. For instance, the pipeline was prefabricated according to the construction drawings when the civil construction is not conditioned. During the entire project implementation, the on-site management was executed in strict accordance with the schedule to guarantee all the work could be completed on the same day with quality assurance as the premise. No vacancies were allowed in every position to ensure that the overall progress of the project would be achieved simultaneously. In addition, PKU Pioneer temporarily dispatched additional personnel to closely link up with the ongoing processes and work overtime to beat the time. Through the concerted efforts of the two parties, the VPSA oxygen generating equipment was finally put into operation 5 days in advance and oxygen was produced smoothly in spite of unfavorable factors like complex construction site conditions and strict epidemic control.

Zhang Mingxin, the head of procurement for Shiheng special steel project, stated that PKU Pioneer, rigorously abiding by construction quality management regulations, is one of the fastest construction companies in this project. As a responsible enterprise serving customers wholeheartedly, PKU Pioneer has set the benchmark of excellent service suppliers. To sum up, PKU Pioneer is a critically important partner of Shiheng Special Steel.

As of the first half of 2021, PKU Pioneer has undertaken more than 200 oxygen production projects for industrial areas, ranking 1st in performance for 9 consecutive years. The performance of medium and large-scale VPSA oxygen production equipment (>1000Nm3/h), including over 100 VPSA oxygen plant projects each with a capacity above 5000Nm3/h, occupies an absolute market share in China, making PKU PIONEER the worldwide invisible champion of the VPSA oxygen generation industry. With the richest experience in VPSA oxygen plant design, manufacture, installation, start-up, operation and maintenance in the world, PKU Pioneer has been devoting itself to providing customers with efficient and technologically advanced oxygen generation solutions, and to creating practical economic benefits for users with cutting-edge VPSA O2 generation technology and corresponding high-quality services.

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