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Telecommunications innovator AllCom releases the Next Phase of Genie CashBox. The Genie CashBox enables US cash buyers to shop online from merchants anywhere.

If anyone think “Cash Is King” but are concerned that they will not be able to take advantage of good deals with online shopping, worry no more, Genie has solved their problem. Now they can shop online globally, but pay with cash locally, without sharing your financial information with anyone.

This expansion provides Genie Gateway Merchants their own customizable online store to accept cash payments from those who prefer to pay with cash, or unbanked buyers, on the same platform they currently use to display videos, online documents, send and receive text messages, announcements, emails, faxes and Virtual Office.

“We haven’t quite figured out how to let you stuff the cash through your modem yet, but it’s almost as simple,” said AllCom CEO, Thomas E. Skala. “Today’s internet savvy customers prefer to maintain what little privacy they have left, and not share their credit card or banking information online or when making a purchase by phone!”

“Unfortunately the online shopping experience does not welcome this huge market of cash buyers and provides no way for them to participate. Now, AllCom has solved this problem” Skala continued.

“The Genie Gateway platform lets Genie subscribers shop online, using most any shopping cart, with the usual online experience, but with the extra feature that when checking out they can pay with cash. When choosing to pay with cash, Genie will create a special deposit ticket for the amount of that specific purchase which can be deposited at any of over twenty thousand branches of participating banks,” explained AllCom CTO, Stuart Scamman.

Scamman elaborated, "Genie Gateway Subscribers who already have an online store, a website, or a landing page that they use to sell goods and services, can quickly and easily connect that page to their Genie Gateway, giving their customers the ability to pay with cash”

“Shop Online Globally – Pay with Cash Locally is automatically included with each Genie Gateway at no additional cost. Genie Gateway can expand their customer base quickly by inviting cash buyers to their online store,” said AllCom COO, Randall Skala.

“But we’ve left the best for last,” said Skala with a smile. “Cash Buyers are not subject to the usual credit card rules, regulations, and limits. If they have the cash, they can make their purchase, no questions asked. Cash doesn’t bounce and the usual overhead for chargebacks disappears as all sales are treated as a cash purchase.”

“The only thing better than cash, is more cash” said Skala.

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Genie Gateway – The New Way To Pay
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